Monday, January 13, 2014

This is how we do it!

 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... the Seahawks do it again! BOOM.

That pretty much constituted the majority of my weekend.

A full day of standing around in the cold, surrounded by drunken fans, eating junk and screaming my own head off. There's nothing like being a football fan...

Watch out, Douchebag Kaepernick... you are no match for the 12th Man.

Saturday's game meant Stew and I had a rare Sunday at home together. We slept in, took down the Christmas decorations (finally) while we watched even more football, ate blueberry waffles, did some laundry, made some brownies, and generally just hung around our house... a rare weekend occurrence. We even made it over to my cousin's house to pick up some baby stuff... she generously gave us an entire car load of clothing, toys, seats, strollers, chairs, books, and more for Baby Boy! What a lucky child he already is...

And most exciting of all, we finally revived our Sunday Dinner tradition with Matt and Alissa!

We used to get together on Sundays for some eats and conversation all the time when we all lived in Ballard, but it's been seriously lacking for the past year or so. But this summer at the lake we promised to revive the tradition, adding in Amanda and Kevin... It only took us four months to make it happen!

Matt and Alissa made such a fancy pants meal at the lake house that when we made them the lucky hosts of this month's Sunday Dinner I told Matt he had some high expectations to fulfill... gourmet all the way! Oh man, did he deliver...

I can't remember the exact names of the dishes, but basically we had a squash soup, roasted beet salad with arugula and goat cheese, and the main course... pork loin with a delicious date and cilantro relish on top. Everything made from scratch, with love.

I'm surprised I was able to eat anything at all after consuming my body weight in the cheese, crackers, nuts and apples that Amanda and Kevin brought, but I managed. And my brownie fudge sundae dessert went over pretty well, too!

Oh and to top off the evening I came home to a brand new episode of Downtown Abbey, and the season premier of GIRLS... finally!!

Anyway that was my weekend... how was yours? 
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  1. Ugh, it really does pain me a little bit to read that there are actual teams still playing football right now ;) After we lost I chose to pretend that all football playing has ceased to exist! ;) I'll be rooting for your guys though.. I think the 49ers are a bunch of whiney drama queens!!

  2. what a fun idea to have set dinner plans with friends!! I would love to be able to do that!

  3. My tree is still up....with gifts under it. I'll get to it eventually. It's in a room that we don't use so.....

    I love Downton Abbey! Last night's episode is on my DVR. I'll be watching it tonight or tomorrow. :)

  4. That dinner looks amazing!! Glad you had a nice, fun weekend!

  5. I'm so excited for the hawks and also for the premier of Girls...although it kind of started off boring in my opinion...

  6. I love this!! I have a friend who went to his first NFL playoff game (the Seahawks) this weekend. I love seeing all the pictures. Plus, I like the coach.

  7. I was losing my mind during this game, I was so nervous there for a second. The weekend is about to be so intense!

  8. What would you do if little man grows up not to like the Seahawks?!

  9. I just couldnt get into football this year :( Not because our team sucked royally but I just couldnt get into watching it

    That food looks amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

  10. What a great weekend! That dinner looks amazing!


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