Friday, September 27, 2013

My favorite day of the week

Usually Friday is pretty fan-freaking-tastic all on its own, but this one is particularly exciting to me, because I'm going on a super fun little getaway to see...
this girl!
Brooke is one of my oldest and dearest friends, and unfortunately we live on opposite sides of the country right now so I hardly ever get to see her. But finally we decided to just pick a location and head there for a weekend of shenanigans.
I know what you're thinking... Denver? What a weird place for a weekend trip, right?  
But check it out...
It's right in the middle.
Neither one of us has ever been there before, but we quickly learned that it's pretty cheap to fly there, and Denver actually has a lot goin' on. Our hotel is right downtown in the middle of prime shopping and restaurants, and we have some super fun stuff planned like an afternoon at the spa, a day at the zoo, and even a murder mystery dinner night! And I did warn Brookie that I might end up dragging her to a sports bar on Sunday to watch the Hawks.
So yeah, I'm pretty excited for my weekend plans. It's going to be epic.

And for this week's #backthatazzup Friday, let's take it back to 1995 in honor of our longstanding friendship.
Woot woot!
Oh, and if anyone knows of anything fab to do in Denver that we definitely shouldn't miss, please let me know...
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book Club: The Keeper of Lost Causes

Two of my co-workers stopped by my desk a while back to give me The Keeper of Lost Causes by Jussi Adler-Olsen and tell me I absolutely HAD to read it. Keep in mind, these are people who typically share my taste in books and have never steered me wrong when it comes to book recommendations.

But then I read the back:
Carl Mørck used to be one of Copenhagen’s best homicide detectives. Then a hail of bullets destroyed the lives of two fellow cops, and Carl—who didn’t draw his weapon—blames himself. So a promotion is the last thing he expects. But Department Q is a department of one, and Carl’s got only a stack of Copenhagen’s coldest cases for company. His colleagues snicker, but Carl may have the last laugh, because one file keeps nagging at him: a liberal politician vanished five years earlier and is presumed dead. But she isn’t dead … yet.
Um... what was this?  Detective/murder mystery novels are not something I typically read or enjoy, and this one sounded absolutely terrible. The main character seemed totally un-relatable, I hate anything even vaguely political, and did I mention that I never read crime novels? I was definitely questioning the sanity of my generally reliable co-workers/fellow book nerds. This was obviously some sort of mistake. So I threw the book on my nightstand for about a week, and occasionally gave it a skeptical glace over the pages of US Weekly.
Then, one rainy day after I had finally trudged through a mediocre baseball book and exhausted my supply of InStyle and Pottery Barn catalogs, I decided to take a glance at the first few pages.
It was at about this point that no one saw me or spoke to me for a couple days. I barely made it to work, and Stewart was not allowed to communicate with me in the evenings. Because I was totally engrossed in
Seriously you guys, no wonder this series is fast becoming an international sensation!! Oh.em.gee. Plan on putting everything else in your life on hold if you pick up this book. The pages absolutely fly by as a twisted puzzle unfolds, and you are sucked into some of the most interesting and complex characters I've encountered in a long time. I seriously don't even want to tell you anything else because you should get to experience this book blind just like I did.

I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

No excuses.

I really have no (good) excuse for my absence here. I've been thinking about all of your constantly, fighting off overwhelming waves of guilt about my poor performance as a blogger.
But even these feelings of self loathing have not been enough to force me to log on and write something. And besides, I was raised Catholic, and therefore am no stranger to ignoring constant, consuming feelings of shame.
Plus I'm an all-star procrastinator.
But soon enough y'all are going to start to get bored, and stop coming back. So it's time I got my butt brain in gear.
Now... what should I tell you about?
I've had lots of ideas... but when I go to write them down I get a few sentences in and find that my mind is totally blank. And I'd hate to waste your time with rambling nonsense (current post notwithstanding).
Am I the only person who suffers from this blogger funk?
It's not as if my real life has totally stopped. Since my trifecta of a weekend I did Breakfast Club with some of my besties, saw a chiropractor for the first time, threw a huge party at my boss's house as part of a charity auction, missed an engagement party for our good friends due to the aforementioned party, and watched the Hawks spank the Jaguars. I've also been working crazy hours in preparation for a trip to Denver this weekend with one of my oldest friends. Oh, and I deep cleaned my bathroom at some point. Super exciting stuff.
But somehow none of this seemed important enough for a specific post, and I wasn't feeling overly inspired to photograph any of it.
But I promise to be better!
I really should have participated in Jenni's Blogtember Challenge, but it's obviously a little too late for that. However, maybe I'll still steal some of the prompts for inspiration.
And I'll be sure to keep you updated on fall, football, and everything else fabulous that we have going on right now.
Peace and love, homies!

Monday, September 16, 2013


Holy moly, what a weekend, friends!
We had a jam packed schedule with a concert Friday, a wedding Saturday, and a game Sunday.
First up was Zac Brown Band at the Sleep Country Amphitheater near Vancouver.
I love ZBB so, so much that I wasn't even mad when they took more than an hour to arrive on stage following the absolutely terrible opener. I am still a little sad that they never played Whatever It Is (our wedding song), but since we got to belt out the lyrics of all our other favorite songs, I'm over it.
After the concert, we jammed back up north to get ready for my aunt's wedding Saturday night. It was at this fantastic venue right on American Lake at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and they even hired a pontoon boat to take guest out for a ride on the lake after dinner. Of course there was some ridiculous dancing, which even included a choreographed dance performed by me and my cousins. I would share it with you here, but thankfully my mom forgot to press the record button on her phone.
And finally, finally the night that we've been waiting for (for eight months!) arrived...
The Seattle Seahawks home opener versus the San Francisco 49ers!
Let the tailgating commence...

Russell must have taken my letter last week into consideration, because our freaking defense was on the MONEY last night! It took our offensive line a little longer to figure things out, and the one hour weather delay in the first quarter was a bit ridiculous (since when do we have rain delays in Seattle?), but other than that, it was everything we could have dreamed of and more.
Oh and obtaining a Guinness World Record? I guess I can cross that one off my list now!
136.6 decibels officially makes the LOUDEST fans on the face of the friggin' PLANET!
It made the 29-3 victory that much more glorious. The poor 49ers fans in our section were crying crocodile tears and hanging their heads in shame. Don't come into our house and talk crap, bitches! The 12th Man will smack you down every single time.
Oh em gee it's going to be such an amazing season!!
I literally cannot even see straight because I'm so tired today, but my trifecta of a weekend was totally worth it.
How was yours?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'll take it, but...

Dear Russell,

We need to talk. You were not at the top of your game today. I don't know if you were too busy posing in cable-knit sweaters and doing photo shoots for Sports Illustrated to practice or what, but the Seahawks' performance was a disappointment.

Sure, we were able to hold back the Panthers (one of the worst teams in the league), and I'll take a W no matter what form it comes in. But the offensive line was horrible, defensive line play was mediocre at best, and our running game was nearly non existent. Doug Baldwin played like a super star, and Golden Tate was pretty clutch, but overall we were outplayed. And I can't deal with this type of stress for the rest of the year!

Of course I will love and support you no matter what. But we had high expectations for this season, and this morning was a disappointing start.
I realize you were on the road with a 10 a.m. start time, but this type of performance will not do against the 49ers, so you need to figure it out before next week.

The 12th Man

In order to shake off the anxiety that accompanied watching the Seahawks' lucky win, obviously a backyard barbecue, beers and bean bag toss were in order.
Hawk yeah!
I'll be linking up with fellow Seahawks fan Kristine at Living Barefoot and Crazy occasionally this season for game and tailgating recaps. Please stop by and show her some love!

Friday, September 6, 2013

First Fall Friday

Yes, I know it's not technically Fall yet.
But Labor Day is over, I wore a sweater yesterday, the pumpkin spice latte is back at Starbucks, and NFL football started last night.
So it's Fall.
And the Seahawks play their first regular season game this Sunday, bitches!! I love you, Russell.
So on that note, I'm going to do a special Seattle edition of #backthatazzup with Whitney today.
And I'm pretty sure I'm going to spend Sundays for the next few months jumping up and down, screaming my freaking head off.

Come on Hawks, this is your moment!!

In other news, I finally got my hair cut and colored last night for the first time in about five years by someone other than my BFF. She moved to Oregon permanently this summer, and I've been procrastinating for months about finding a new hair stylist. But a friend recommended L15 Salon in Issaquah, so I finally swallowed my fears and made an appointment. I mean, the super blonde highlights coupled with trashy dark roots really had to go...

PS, did you know when Stew and I met, my hair looked like this? 
Super long, and brown... crazy!

So I'm not a natural blonde... don't tell anyone!

Anyway, happy Friday guys, I hope you have a fab weekend!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Out With A Bang: Labor Day Weekend 2013

Are you sick of summer vacation posts yet?
I hope not, because I have just one more for you...

We definitely put in our fair share of labor this year, so we took full advantage of the long weekend to kick back, relax, and celebrate another successful summer of shenanigans. A few of our BFFs joined us at Priest Lake last weekend to soak in the last rays of summer sunshine before fall arrives in full force.

Let the epic-ness commence.

Peace out homies  it's been real.

I thought it would be tough to switch gears into autumn, but I'm actually looking forward to the return of crisp weather, comfy sweaters, and of course NFL football!

Plus we've still got some fun adventures planned this month... a concert, a wedding, a work event, an engagement party, a trip to Denver, and of course a few Hawks games!
In case you were worried that our social calendar was going to suffer.

What are you looking forward to this fall?