Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Year Six

It's Our Six Year Blogiversary!

So much has changed since that very first post

At the time, we had recently gotten engaged and were beginning to plan our wedding.

Then, over the course of the past six years, we got married, sold our condo in Ballard, moved to Snoqualmie, had a son, and had a daughter.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

As life gets crazier, this blog gets quieter. I only wrote 55 posts in the past 12 months, which is an all-time low for me. But that's still more than one post a week, which I don't think is all that bad considering the fact that I work full time and have two tiny humans who require my near constant attention.

I've been working really hard to, at a minimum, write about the important events in our lives, and to include as many photos as I can. I'm learning that although the days sometimes seem so long, the years pass by in the blink of an eye. So it's important to me to document our memories as often as I can.

This blog continues to be a reflection of our lives, and my hope is that perhaps someone besides Stewart enjoys reading it. If not, at least it will be something that we have to look back on someday when we're old and senile.

Anyway, without further ado, here are this year's highlights...

To those of you who've continued to follow along on our journey, thank you — we're so glad you're here, and hope that you'll continue to follow along. 

Cheers to luck and love. 

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Baby, You're A Firework

Happy Birthday, America!

This year, the Alway Family celebrated Brexit 1776 at the Christiansen Lake House.

We really debated about whether or not to let Ryder stay up late to watch the fireworks, since Stew and I both had to work the next morning (and we also have a four-month-old baby to consider). But in the end, we decided that childhood memories are more important than sleep deprived parents. Plus, Ryder had such a blast last year at Brett and Haley's fireworks show that we would have really felt guilty depriving him. 

So we packed up and headed down to Lake Tapps to spend a day in the sun followed by an evening of fireworks. Have I ever mentioned that I hate fireworks? They're so dangerous...

It was an absolutely beautiful day on the lake, and Brett and Haley have the perfect holiday party house. 

Ryder did some swimming in both the lake and in the kiddie pool.

Eventually, he was joined by some lady-friends.

Kiley basically did what she does best... sat around lookin' good.

This is the face of a child saying, "OMG Mom, no more selfies!"

The guys setting up for the big fireworks show.

Ryder was extremely entertained by one of my personal childhood favorites... Pop Its! 

And of course sparklers are always a hit with kids... as well as Stewart.

Ryder actually made it until the big fireworks show started at about ten o'clock. 

Luckily, Kiley had gone down for bed hours before and slept right through the entire thing.

The show was amazing as usual!

Even though we didn't get home until after midnight and everyone was super tired the next day, I'm still glad that Ryder got to experience the Fourth of July properly.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

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