Monday, July 15, 2013

Real Life.

I hope everyone had a freaking fantabulous weekend!
Mine was nothing to brag about, but it was a much needed break from reality.
The last few days have been pretty uneventful, but I did manage to snap a few photos over the weekend (most of which were sent via text message to my mother) that I'll share here.
I know, you're on the seat of your pants excited, right?
Friday night I hit Aaron Brothers on my way home for their "buy one get one for a penny" sale, because I've been wanting to get a bunch of eclectic frames for our living room. Now I just need to fill them with photos. Black and white, or color...?
Then, before settling down in front of the television for the evening (yeah, I'm a party animal), I finished up some projects for my sister's graduation party the next day.
The next morning consisted of everyone's favorite chore: taking the cat to the vet. Half an hour,
several long scratches up my arm, and one spitting mad kitty later, we finally got her into the box.
Not a happy camper.
Why did we take Jasmine to the vet? Because once a week she's been taking a crap in the middle of the carpet in our upstairs TV room. Utter mortification.
I've had her for ten years and this has NEVER been a problem before. (No pee, just poo).
So we took her to the vet, thinking she might be sick. She's not.
So we bought a $50 plug in thing that's supposed to calm cats down and make them stop bad behavior. It didn't work.
So we resorted to locking Jasmine in the laundry room, indefinitely. I don't know what else do to... HELP!
My sister's grad party at my parent's house in Olympia was SO much fun! Unfortunately the only photo I took is of Stew cuddling with Roxy. We're not really cat people at the moment.  
And then Sunday was filled with chores and other oh-so-exciting activities like a trip to Costco that resulted in this mountain of liquids.
We are going camping in the middle of the desert Central Oregon later this week, and don't want to die of dehydration. Will 90 Coors Lights be enough??
Things that didn't make the photo stream:
The sectionals we bought for our media room at Macy's on Saturday morning! Football season prep!
Fun times at my sister's graduation party on Saturday. I sadly neglected to take any photos.
Cleaning our bathroom and vacuuming our blinds. I told you I was a party animal.
A close up photo of cat poop on our carpet (for the vet). You're welcome.
A ridiculous shopping spree at Target. We both made out like bandits.
Barbecue dinner on our patio last night. This was actually such a fun way to end the weekend.
 So yeah, nothing crazy going on with the Always recently, but hey, that's real life kids.
Tell me something about your amazing weekend, so I can live vicariously.


  1. You totally should open up an etsy shop. i am so uncreative it's embarrassing. really, it's bad.
    Helene in Between

  2. Post some pictures from Oregon! I want to visit there someday.

    I prefer color pictures. I think they better capture the memory of the moments that they were taken in.

  3. Your new frames look great! Have so much fun in Oregon - it is so beautiful down there!

  4. You should definitely open your own Etsy shop girl! Love all the photos! :)

  5. I like black and white!

    Sounds like such a fun weekend

  6. I vote color (love all those frames)! Ugh about the kitty. :(

    My weekend was just as exciting as yours...except we went to Target intending to look at/buy a couple night stands for our bedroom that I had found online (after 11 years of wedded bliss using wobbly tv trays as night stands)...only to discover they were sold out in the store...and sold out online by the time we got back home. No big haul for us -- instead we came home with some prenatal vitamins and a DVD of the movie Cars. Sad.

    Have a great time camping -- stay hydrated!

  7. I vote for color pictures in your lovely frames - adorable arrangement! I'm so bummed to hear that there doesn't seem to be a quick fix for Bad Kitty. Sounds like you had a fun, yet productive weekend!

    Jess @ The Odell Yodel

  8. sometimes the weekend of life stuff rather than fun stuff becomes necessary but sometimes they can feel more productive. i love your framed collection! poor kitty, hope the problem will go away soon

  9. I love the eclectic photo frame mix - such a nice idea that makes the decor a bit more interesting! Great idea!
    I had a weekend of being lazy as I was recovering from being in London for my visa medical examination. I'm currently getting ready for my visa interview in two days!!!! So excited!

    Molly @ The Move to America

    1. Thank you! I don't know where I got that idea... I think I just saw all the frames and decided to go for it! I'm trying not to be too matchy-matchy at the new house. Can't wait to hear about your interview!

  10. Dang, I would've loved that Aaron Brothers sale! I'm always looking for new frames and buy one get one for a penny??? You can't beat that! Especially at Aaron Brothers..

  11. Our weekend was full of moving *joy* (more like exhaustion, sore feet, and dehydration!) We are all moved into our new house, and started working on drywall and tile in the laundry room. We are wiped out. We had a kitty adventure too...not nearly as painful or gross though. We were just short a cat carrier and had to move one of our kitties to the new house in a garbage can!

    1. Yay, I'm so happy you're all moved in!!! Oh gosh, moving cats can be such a nightmare, it just stresses them out so much. Hope your kitties are settling into their new home! :-)

  12. Is the weather bad when the cat has her little accidents? Did the Vet mention a change of diet due to her being an older age? Does she has wet or dry food?
    Oh.. and 90 beers should be enough.. MAYBE!! ;)

    1. I actually haven't noticed the weather, but we did recently change her food and I talked to the vet about that. I thought it might be making her constipated, but the doc checked and said no. She eats dry food but maybe now that she's older it's time to switch to wet. Anyway we've been locking her in the laundry room a lot (which she seems to like; she goes in there on her own a lot!) so I think maybe it was just stress due to the new, much larger house? We've been accident free for a couple weeks now so keep your fingers crossed!

  13. Oh my you had a seriously busy weekend!! I love your camping supplies! That is totally me, but usually I bring like 10 bottles of wine (not very practical camping :)

    Hope you have an amazing time in Oregon! Can't wait to see picks!

  14. love those pictures frames which reminds me I need to get some more too!

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  15. You seriously do need to open up your own Etsy or party planning biz! You are so creative! Have a fantastic weekend!!!

  16. visiting here with a smile~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)


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