Sunday, April 1, 2018

An Alway Family Easter | 2018

Happy Easter from our two silly wittle wabbits.

After quite a bit of effort, that's about the best family photo we could get. Why do photos with small children always have to be such an impossible battle?!?

We spent Easter this year at my parents' new house.

We headed down south on Saturday, because that evening Stew and I had a fancy night out planned to celebrate his Battalion Chief's retirement. It was fun to dress up and spend an evening together.

While we were gone, the kids dyed eggs with Auntie, Nana and Papa.

Ryder also helped Papa with the burn pile out back...

The kids were both thrilled with their Easter baskets from Nana and Papa, and Kiley discovered that she loves marshmallow chicks and rabbits (she is definitely her father's daughter).

AJ, Morgan and the cutest baby bunny ever also came over to celebrate.

Once Ryder discovered the colorful eggs hidden all over the house, he could hardly contain his joy and excitement. It was super fun to watch.

Kiley was her usual cranky self, but Nana diligently tried to cheer her up.

Matching spring flower outfits for Kiles and Auntie!

Ryder's school also hosted an elaborate Easter celebration where he got to dye eggs, participate in an egg hunt, and hang out with the animals. 

We hope that you had a wonderful Easter with your family. 

And here's hoping that Spring weather is right around the corner!