Thursday, February 28, 2013

A quick update on my knee...

For those who are wondering and haven't heard yet, I saw the doctor this morning to get the results of my MRI following my unfortunate snowboarding accident a couple weeks ago.

First of all, have you ever had an MRI before? It's very strange, and I still don't quite understand how it can see the inside of my body. They roll you into this tube (luckily feet first for me since I'm extremely claustrophobic, but I still almost flipped out as my head approached the opening, even though the guy had assured me my head would not be going in) and then you lie there for about 20 minutes. The room is darkened, and in my case I had been given headphones tuned to the local country music station to drown out the noise of the machine. It didn't really help. For between two to four minutes at a time I listened to an extremely loud jackhammering noise as electromagnetic pulses streamed into my leg (I'm making that part up; I'm not sure that's exactly what happens, but it's what I picture in my head). I got 30 second rests in between to listen to Taylor Swift's whining, and it didn't hurt at all, but it was very... weird.

Anyway, that was on Tuesday and today the doctor informed me, "Well, I have good news and I have bad news."  Thanks buddy. I've been perpetually stressed out this week about needing surgery and never being able to function normally again / having a wooden leg like a pirate, and that's how you start our conversation? Cue anxiety attack.

"The bad news is I'm not going to get to operate on you."  JERK.

Phew! Apparently I have a partially torn MCL, and it should heal up on it's own in about four weeks with the aid of physical therapy and a stylish knee brace. I should be able to ditch the crutches in a week or so, but I may keep using them on the bus so people will feel sorry for me and let me have a seat. I feel no guilt about this.

So I'll gimp along in life for a bit longer, it seems. My biggest disappointment is that Stewart and I are registered to run the St. Patrick's Day Dash, which is obviously now out of the question (although Stew did offer to push me through in a wheelchair). Which reminds me, have you ever gotten the opportunity to ride around the grocery store in one of those motorized scooters for the physically challenged? It's sort of fun humiliating.

Thank you, everyone, for all your kind words and thoughts... here's hoping for a quick and permanent recovery!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jillian's Dirty Thirty

Jillian is one of my dearest friends from high school and she turned 30 last week, so we met her and some friends for dinner last night to celebrate at one of her favorite restaurants, Mekong Village.

Mekong Village is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant on Aurora, and we've eaten here with Jill and Robert several times... it's delicious! It's a little out of the way, but if you're ever in the area you should definitely stop in. The staff is super friendly and the food is absolutely delicious! It's also not very expensive and you'll be totally entertained by the funky decor and extremely random background music.

It was the perfect place to celebrate Jillian's Dirty Thirty. Please take a moment to admire her amazing birthday headband... adorable.

I just had to throw in a photo of Mekong's eclectic decor...
Purple walls, red and pink napkins, butterflies and Christmas lights... they have it all.

Yummy, yummy, yummy.
We started with Eggrolls, but they were pretty greasy, so I wished we would have gone with our usual Spring Rolls, which are amazing. I got Rare Beef Noodle Soup because I had been craving pho, and Stew got Pad Thai with chicken because it's the only thing he ever orders. Four out of five stars was almost spicy enough for him.

Our waitress gave Jillian a birthday balloon,
which I believe was re purposed from Valentine's Day, but it's the thought that counts.

This is a terrible camera phone photo, but it's all I was able to get.

The rest of the group was headed to Hula Hula in Queen Anne for drinks and karaoke, but since Stew had to work the next day and I was exhausted from crutching around all day we went home like an old married couple. A rockin' Saturday night. Now that Jill is 30 she, too, can look forward to this exciting lifestyle.

Happy Birthday Jillian, we love you!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Home Inspection

We went up to the new house for our inspection on Saturday morning and were so excited to see that almost everything is finished! The appointment went really well and the inspector only found a short list of items that he recommended we bring up to the builder (touch-up paint and caulk, missing fall-safety bracket on the roof, a light missing in the guest bath, etc).

Our pre-closing orientation will be Tuesday afternoon. That's when we can walk around with a roll (or five) of blue tape and mark every teeny tiny thing that isn't just perfect, and the builder will need to fix it before we close in just a little over a week. Tick tock tick tock... it's almost here!

Beautiful stairs in the entryway.
I didn't originally like these black wrought iron spindles, but Stew and Mom convinced me and now I really love them.

The den faces the front of the house, which means it will get lots of light.
This is where my books will live, and I want to get built-in shelves all along the back wall.

The downstairs powder room; I really need to spruce up this space.

Lovely chef's kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Now, if only I knew how to cook...

A few more close up shots of the appliances. We are going to love the water/ice dispenser on the fridge!
Downstairs living room. This is where our new furniture will live.

I just can't get enough of this fireplace. Have I mentioned we had to pay extra to get one with "wood"?
Apparently now the standard is these strange glowing crystals... and we definitely weren't a fan of that look.
Entryway linen closet with extra storage under the stairs - yay!
Maybe now I won't have to store luggage in the trunk of my car.

A couple shots of the media room upstairs,
but it was hard to get a good angle.

Laundry room with brand new (full size!) washer and dryer.
We discovered that I can't reach the cabinets up above... someone get the short girl a stool!

Guest bedrooms and bathroom. Unfortunately they missed an overhead light above the shower,
so the bathroom is really dark right now, which is seriously going to bug me if they can't fix it.

A couple shots of the master bedroom.
(I had a hard time finding a good photo angle again).

Master bath and walk-in closet. I've looked into having the closet professionally done,
but it's really expensive so that will have to wait for now.

The garage, for those who are interested.

And the backyard! We're really happy with the way it turned out, although we're still not sure what we're going to
do with that bark area up top. The subcontractors made a mistake and poured our patio too small,
so we actually ended up with a much larger patio without paying anything extra... we'll take it!

So now the packing really must begin (Sarah, stop procrastinating). It's going to be difficult with my bum leg, but it must be done. Speaking of, I did go to an orthopedic specialist on Friday morning and he suspects I have a sprained MCL/ACL, but I need an MRI next week to confirm and decide a course of action (the ACL won't heal on it's own and could require surgery). So that's a bummer, but we're taking it one step hop at a time and I'm still hobbling around on crutches with a knee brace... not my best look.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mt. Baker Ski Trip

We were super bummed when my kidney stone ruined our ski trip to Mount Baker over the holiday weekend in January, so we decided to try again for President's Day weekend.

Stew's brother Mark has a condo just about 25 minutes from the ski area so that's where we crashed for the weekend. Stew, Tara, Jason and I arrived Saturday evening and had a fun day of skiing and snowboarding on Sunday before Andrew joined us for dinner, drinking, and hot tubbing.

I haven't been snowboarding at Mt. Baker in years so I was really looking forward to it. The conditions weren't amazing, but we still had a great time... with one small exception, which I'll explain shortly.

Firefighter building us a fire.

Tara and I made a yummy dinner Saturday night.

Fun on the slopes.

"I just need to rest my leg!"

My first time snowboarding this season. And likely my last (see below).

Hanging out at Chair 9 after a day on the mountain.

And... the aftermath. This is my knee, currently.

2013 has really been a bummer year for us so far. I thought the kidney stone debacle would be enough for a while, but apparently not. I fell coming off the very first chair lift of the day and seriously twisted my knee. But instead of ruining the day for everyone, including myself, I decided to shake it off and fight through the pain. Tara and I did have a great time skiing and snowboarding all morning, but by the time we were done with lunch I knew something was seriously wrong, and it was all I could do to get back down to the main lodge. And now my knee is so painful I can't bend or walk on it at all... not good, obviously.

I've never had a knee injury before and I'm not crazy about going back to the doctor for another CT scan at the moment, so for right now I'm just taking an anti inflammatory and using ice and crutches. If it doesn't start to feel better in a couple days I'll go to the doctor, I suppose. I feel so betrayed by my stupid, frail human body!
Oy vey.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Getting so close we can taste it.

Just two more weeks until we close on the new house in Snoqualmie! We've been going up as often as we can to see what progress has been made, and every time we visit something new and exciting has been done.
Most of the exterior painting is complete!
There will also be a third, fairly dark accent color for the door, some of the trim, and the window shutters.
The tile back splash in the kitchen is in and we're so happy with how it turned out.
Everything looks pretty matchy-matchy right now, but the stainless steel appliances should help break that up.

My giant under mounted kitchen sink. This was an upgrade I insisted on.

And here are the cabinets with the crown molding added at the top. So pretty.

And a pantry! This is going to change my life.

Not really any changes to this room, except you can see that the window coverings have been installed.

Stair railings almost all done. I didn't take pictures of them, but you can see the
powder room and the den in the background.

All the fixtures have been installed in the master bath including the shower surround and tub.
I don't like baths, but I might make an exception here...

The laundry room sink is in and we're just waiting for the washer/dryer in this room.
I am going to LOVE being able to wash and dry full loads!

This front guest room is my favorite... I just love the window seat
and view of the neighborhood and mountains in the distance.

Nothing too exciting happening in the guest bathroom right now, but I still think the tile and cabinets are pretty.

And here was our big surprise... the fenced backyard! We had no idea we had so much property.
When we selected the lot we thought it went just a couple feet above the rock wall... it turns out
we own all the way up to the top of the hill! The landscaping isn't done yet but now we have that
whole sloped upper area to deal with... not quite sure how we're going to utilize it, but we'll take it!
Our condo is crowded with empty boxes that I need to start filling with our belongings, because the countdown is really on. But we're heading up to Mt. Baker this morning to make up for our previously ruined trip, so I'll really have to get on that next week.
We hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Breakfast Club: Bay Cafe

This month Breakfast Club with my girlfriends was slightly rescheduled because poor Heather was headed out on vacation to Hawaii, so instead of meeting downtown we decided to try Bay Cafe at Fishermans' Terminal near her house in Magnolia.

Heather described Bay Cafe as a "greasy spoon diner" but I don't think it really falls into that category... it was pretty cute! By the time we arrived at 7:00 there were quite a few people already seated and enjoying breakfast (seemed to be mostly an older, retired type crowd). Our waitress was super duper cheerful and friendly considering the early hour, and she brought us much-needed coffee right away.

Fishermen have been enjoying large portions here since 1988, and we certainly experienced our fair share. I decided to splurge and order the sausage eggs benedict because it's one of my favorites, and it came with my favorite kind of hashbrowns on the side. I only ended up eating about half of everything but it was really delicious!

Considering what I ate for lunch later that day, I think February 14th will go down as one of my more epic healthy lifestyle fails. Although I have worked out pretty hard the last five days in a row, so maybe it'll end up being a wash (sends prayer to the gods).

Did you do anything special for Valentine's Day yesterday?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's National Food Truck Date Day!

Hello lovers! Happy Valentine's Day National Food Truck Date Day! As I mentioned recently, my good friend Jeanna came up with this genius idea as a new theme for February 14th, and I was very excited to participate.

When Jeanna still lived in Seattle and we were single and fabulous, she and I used to get a group of people together every year on Valentine's Day to go bowling. No roses, chocolates, or giant stuffed animals allowed, just cheap beer, bowling, and perhaps a little drunken karaoke. I always really looked forward to it. But now Je lives in San Francisco, Sunset Bowl is no more, and I'm married / head-over-heels in love with my husband.

But Stew and I still aren't big on celebrating this commercialized holiday, so I thought instead a little food truck lunch date with my darling friend Amanda would be a lovely.

Before today I had only ever been to one food truck in Seattle, but I've seen them popping up all over the city and have been wanting to check out the Second and Pike food truck pod, which is right down the street from my office (Amanda conveniently also works close by). We had so much fun!

There were lots of trucks to choose from at Second and Pike.

Where to eat... where to eat...? Choices today included:
Beko Gourmet Dog Japon, Nomad Curbside, Off the Rez, and Hallava Falafel

We carefully perused all of the menus (everything looked so, so yummy) and ultimately went with Off the Rez
because I had heard amazing things about their frybread and this truck is rumored to be one of the best in Seattle.

The guy at the counter was super nice as we explained to him all about National Food Truck Date Day.

Amanda got an Indian taco with pork and a cup of smoky potato cheddar soup.
I went with a cheeseburger on fry bread, and it was basically one of the best things
I've ever eaten. Right up there with the best sandwich of my life.
(Epic healthy lifestyle fail, obviously. But so worth it!)

There wasn't anywhere to sit, so we brought our delicious lunches back across the street to Amanda's office to eat.

It was so fun to finally check out the food trucks in downtown Seattle, and it's definitely something I'd like to do more frequently! Plus Amanda was as adorable as ever (she even brought me a heart-shaped sucker, aw!) and I'm so glad she was my Valentine this year (sorry Stew).

I hope that each and every one of you has an absolutely amazing day filled with love and the people who mean the most to you. I personally just don't like the forced feeling that comes with Valentine's Day. I would much rather be surprised on some random, rainy Tuesday. (When we were first dating, Stewart once dropped off a Matt Hasselbeck jersey at the front desk of my office for me. I think that was the moment I knew I wanted to marry him).

PS - Today you can also find Stewart and I over at one of my favorite blogs, His Little Lady, where TJ has compiled a ton of gorgeous photos of people with the ones they love the most. It's very cute, take a look.