Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mayfield Lake Camping | 2017

For almost a decade, we've gone on an annual summer camping trip to Mayfield Lake with tons of our friends and family.

This year, we were super excited to include Kiley for the first time.

Fortunately, the Western Washington weather cooperated, and we were graced with sun and warm weather that was just perfect for a couple days of outdoor relaxation.

After arriving setting up camp, we headed down to the beach. There were so many kids, so may friends, so many dogs, so many toys... it was a three-year-old's paradise. 

Ryder had a blast playing on shore and in the water.

Aunt Erin took him for a boat ride.

And he got to participate in some super fun water sports behind Brett's ski boat.

"Bye bye kiddos, have fun!"

The most exciting thing was wakesurfing!

Stew and I have pretty much been waiting for the opportunity to teach Ryder how to surf since the day he was born, and the time had finally come.

The kid rocked it like a champ! No fear.

Mommy and Daddy also got a turn.

As for Miss K, she pretty much hung out in our awesome new Shade Shack.

We did have Kiley test out the water...

But she wasn't a fan. We'll have to work on that...

When they weren't in the water, all the kids had an awesome time playing at the park.

And back at camp, we relaxed and let the kids run wild and get dirty... because that's what camping's all about, right?

My parents have a small RV, but it's kind of a tight squeeze to have everyone sleeping in there, so since it was a lovely summer weekend we decided to be brave and sleep in our tent with both kids. 

It worked out great, all things considered!

Except for the fact that the temperature dropped pretty low overnight. At one point Stew got up to pee and when he felt Kiley's hands and face they were ice cold. I had her bundled up in fleece jammies and a fleece sleeper, etc. but since she's not allowed to have blankets or a cuddle buddy no wonder she got chilled. It didn't seem to bother her, but Stew still decided that she and I should sleep in the trailer the next night while he and Ryder roughed it in the tent. And I have to admit it was a bit more comfortable in there...

But hey, technically we tent-camped with a six-month-old baby!

My sister Nichole and her family were only able to come for one day this year, but my younger sister Erin was there with my parents for the whole trip, and we all had a blast together. We also got to spend tons of quality time with our friends. We hung out at the beach, ate yummy food, spent time on the lake, played at the campground, and just generally relaxed and enjoyed some great company.

We can't wait until next year!

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dear Kiley... Six Months

Dear Kiley, 

Six months have already flown by since you were born, and it seems like a lifetime ago that we were only dreaming about your sweet little face. 

Now you've been a part of our family for half of a year, and we can hardly remember what life was like without you.

You are quite possibly the sweetest, happiest baby I have ever encountered. Your joy is infectious, and your squeals of delight bring sunshine to everyone around you.

You are incredibly social and love being around people, especially your big brother. You gaze at him with awe, and smile with your whole entire body whenever he is around.

Ryder loves to tickle you to make you squeal and laugh.

He also likes doing other goofy little performances to get your attention.

He's been working on helping you learn how to roll over...

And he loves to say good morning to you with cuddles and snuggles.

Whenever we put you on the floor to play, it doesn't take long before Ryder joins you.

Life was a bit more calm this month.

Grandpa, Patty, Uncle Mark, and Patrick came to our house for a family dinner to celebrate their birthdays. You and I attended a baby shower for one of my dear friends, Jillian. Her new little baby boy will be just six months younger than you, so I'm sure you'll be pals.

One Saturday we decided to head back over to Port Townsend for another beach getaway at the Bair's house. Again, we were graced with fantastic weather, food, and company. You and Ryder both had a blast.

It was a hot day, so we spent some time in the plunge pool, which you seemed to enjoy.

Drinking a bottle in the sun, poolside. Not a bad life, eh kid? 

Beach walking.

Lounging on the patio with Aunt Erin.

Nana and Aunt Erin both spent quite a lot of time at our house, just hanging out and enjoying the dog days of summer.

And on August 8, your new baby cousin Kinley was born!

Kinley Madison Grace.

You're getting more active by the day, rolling around and grabbing at toys (and pretty much anything within your reach!)

Your feet finally touch the ground in your Jumperoo, and you LOVE bouncing!

You have continued to be a good little sleeper. 

Up until a couple weeks ago, we were still swaddling you before bed and at nap time.

But these days you prefer to have your arms out in a simple, lightweight sleep sack. 

I still love to watch your angelic face while you snooze...

Bath time is your favorite. 

You're getting so big and you're super active, so we've started putting your infant bath into the big tub so that you can splash away to your heart's content without soaking the whole bathroom. 

That water isn't really as filthy as it looks. 

I was trying a natural colloidal oatmeal bath to help soothe your dry, itchy, irritated skin and horrible neck drool rash. You have horrible, raw, irritated spots around your ears, neck, belly, and groin. We tried everything to get it to clear up, even a prescription cream from the doctor. Finally, we took you in to have things thoroughly checked out, and lab results revealed that you were suffering from staph and strep skin infections! We felt so terrible, although you didn't seem to be in much discomfort at all. We started you on oral antibiotics as well as several different topical creams, and everything was mostly cleared up in a matter of days.  

Also, your cradle cap is finally gone! 

And your hair is starting to come back in, too, which makes your head look and feel exactly like a kiwi.

You still love your feet, and goodness are you flexible! 

We started you on solid foods!

Big girl in a high chair!

So far you've had bananas, peaches, and pears. 

Frankly, you weren't a fan of any of them. You made the most horrible faces when we tried spoon feeding you, and you basically spit out most of what we got into your mouth.

So for now your primary diet still consists of bottled breast milk, but we'll keep trying new foods until you find something that you like. 

You really are just the happiest baby!

You rarely cry, and you are content to just hang out with the family, watching with intent glee at whatever we're doing.

You weren't super sure about this selfie with Daddy...

You're getting nice and chubby at 16 pounds, 15.6 ounces (66th percentile), and you've grown out of all your 6 month clothing and are on to 9 month outfits. We're working on helping you learn to sit unassisted, but so far you've just done a lot of face-planting... we'll get there! You love shrieking, spitting, and blowing raspberries, and you have perfected the skill of somehow always managing to get saliva on Daddy's dinner. 

You bring sunshine to every day, and our worlds are all brighter because you're in it.

You are so incredibly loved, my sweet little angel.