Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gladiator Tough

I can barely even run (make that jog) a mile, but somehow I got peer pressured into participating in the Gladiator Rock'n Run last weekend with Stewart and some of our friends. I have no idea what I was thinking. They somehow had me convinced that a 5K with 14 military boot camp style obstacles wouldn't be that big of a deal. I almost died. Seriously.

It wouldn't have been so bad, I don't think, except we started off with a straight mile run followed by the first obstacle which was a crazy bleacher stair climb. By the time I finished those, followed shortly after by a polar bear plunge, my body had gone into complete shock. I basically ran the rest of the race and obstacles in a daze, with my teammates literally running circles around me until we raced through fiery flames to the end. Even though it was a pretty nice fall day, we were soaked to the skin and covered in mud, so hypothermia began to set in quickly, exacerbated by free icy cold beer.

But hey, we did receive a "Gladiator Tough" finishers medal and a "Limited Edition" Gladiator Rock'n Run t-shirt by Affliction. A fair trade, I'd say, since we ended up having to throw away our costumes and shoes. After it was all over I was really glad that I participated, and proud of myself that I finished the entire race and completed every single obstacle. Sure it took me over an hour, but the way I see it that just leaves lots of room for improvement for my next race!

Stew & I chose these costumes because we thought they'd be
comfortable - turns out they just soaked up a lot of water & mud!

The Braddocks showed up in some awesome outfits.

Our team getting psyched up in the parking lot.

Waiting for our race wave to start.

It was all pretty exciting.

Pretending I'm not actually having an anxiety attack.

Hans bursting out of his (child's) Captain America costume.

Polar Bear Plunge.
Cargo Congo Climb

Tire Mountain

8 Foot "Wall of Fame."


Do boys ever grow out of playing in the dirt?


  1. looks kinda of fun but from the description i think i would have literally died trying to do this!


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