Friday, March 21, 2014

Dear Baby Boy... 33 Weeks

Dear Baby Boy,

As per usual, it was another busy week for us! Your shower at Nana's house was such a blast, and I'm still awed and touched by the generosity of our relatives. It was wonderful to see everyone for a happy reason, and I even let a bunch of people touch my belly, for which you kicked obligingly... well done! We're all so excited to meet you!

Daddy and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this week, which means it's been seven whole years since we met! The time has flown by, and we've done so many awesome things together during that time, but I think it's safe to say that you will be our greatest adventure.

This week in class we learned about cesarean delivery (which I would like to avoid), postpartum depression, and breastfeeding. Just one more week of classes and we should be prepared to care for you properly... but I guess you can be the ultimate judge of that.

We also had a nice, uneventful appointment with the doctor this week. She said you are measuring accurately right at 33 weeks, which is good. She had Daddy come over and feel your head, which is in the proper, downward position at this point. He was concerned about poking you in the eye, but the doctor just laughed and said not to worry. It did get your heart rate all spiked up there for a minute, which was kind of fun to hear... were you excited to feel Daddy's hands on you?

Now you are the size of a pineapple (more than 19 inches and over four pounds). You are still gaining weight and could grow up to another full inch this week. You keep your eyes open when you're awake, and are starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. Your bones are hardening, and you're going through even more major brain development. My little smarty pants. Antibodies are being passed from me to you as you continue to develop your own fetal immune system, which will come in handy once you're born and fending off all the nasty germs out here.

I'd like to say I am relaxing a lot these days, but it would be a lie. Between midnight bathroom runs, leg cramps, heartburn, and my basketball-sized belly, I'm not getting much restful sleep at night. We're also quite busy between all the pregnancy education and exercise classes, which usually last until 9 p.m. or later. And my forgetfulness and clumsiness have definitely reached an all-time high. I often waddle around the house with food dripped down the front of my outfit, wondering what the heck I even got up for in the first place. And I'm bruised everywhere from bumping into chairs and counters. Eyeyeye.

This weekend I'm headed out of town to celebrate Alissa's bachelorette party. The location is still a secret/surprise, but it should be an awesome time. Being the only sober girl for a weekend full of drunken shenanigans is always such a blast (someday I'll teach you about sarcasm). Seriously though, Alissa and Matt are two of our dearest friends, and I'm very lucky to be spending the weekend celebrating their upcoming marriage.

Let's try not to let our sober status ruin the weekend for everyone else, okay?!

Love Always,




  1. Looking great girl. I got a question to ask you. but can't get your email thing to work :(

  2. A pineapple?! He's growing so FAST now!!!!!! :D

  3. So close!!!! So cute that his heart rate went up when his daddy touched him!

  4. Your getting so close, how exciting!!!
    Hope your weekend goes well. It should be good entertainment at least!

  5. 33 weeks, already? Wasn't it just yesterday that you were posting a photo of you and a cat.. all new-pregnancy-wiped out tired-passed out on the soda? This means I really have to get off my ass and send your gift. You look great, no matter how big your belly is (which I think is just precious). If you and Stewart have any second thoughts after these classes, feel free to invite me there and I will show you my expert skills in baby care! XOXO

  6. "Someday I'll teach you about sarcasm..." LOL LOVE it! :)

  7. 33 weeks wow how time flies !!! You look beautiful girl!!!

  8. I love the some day I will teach you about sarcasm! So funny and adorable!

  9. Gorgeous girl! Hope you have a really good time at the Bachelorette party (despite being the sober one). Honestly, I'm always the sober one and I can't tell you how many times I LOVED getting to take in the ridiculousness of my friends. Bring a never know when you're going to need some leverage to use to get a babysitter! lol.

  10. I just found your little blog & I love it.. I am now following you :) Congrats on your pregnancy! I think its cute how you have wrote your little one letters !

  11. Very cute letter to your little one. How cute that his heart rate increased when dad touched your belly. How special their relationship will be :). As well as his and yours. It's the best! Momma's boys all the way....up to a certain age, of course. Then I want to raise a man that respects women.

  12. so cute!! I love that you are keeping track of all this!! Sorry about all the bumps and bruises that has to be a bummer!!

    check out my weekly recipe linkup on Mondays and join along!

  13. You look so adorable. Congrats!

    1. Thank you so much! I certainly don't feel adorable most days, but it's all worth it for the little cutie I'm growing! :-)

  14. love these updates! my boss just gave birth (i'm a nanny) to her second child, so i've been living at the hospital and taking care of a precocious 4 yr old. i'm worn out and i'm not even the mama! hehe.

  15. havent heard from you in a while girl. Prepping for the baby i'm guessing. I forget when your due date is.


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