Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday Fotobooth Fun

Life has been extremely busy for us lately, so we were excited to spend Friday night catching up with some of our very good friends. After a delicious dinner at Bahama Breeze, we went over to ACME for bowling. I LOVE bowling. Stewart and I were so sad when Sunset Bowl in Ballard was torn down almost immediately after we moved to the neighborhood, and we always jump at the chance to bowl. It's just such a fun nerdy activity!

As we were leaving the bowling alley, I noticed a photo booth -- another one of my favorite things. We immediately decided to see if we could fit all six of us into the booth. It sort of worked out...

This is what happens whey you try to fit
six people into a photo booth at once...
Matt didn't quite make it!

After that excitement we got really inspired, and developed a well thought out plan to rotate through the next round of photos. We wanted a photo of each couple, a photo of the girls, a photo of the guys, and a final photo with all six of us. This involved a LOT of switching in and out the booth's two doors, laughing, tripping and shouting. Tons of ridiculous fun, and we actually made it work!

We kind of lost Haley on the bottom right,
but she's in there somewhere, I promise!

We highly recommend group photo booth-ing for your next outing.

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  1. haha cute!! i love the photo booth photos! are you going to have one at your wedding??? i've seen some people do that! I want to bowl now too, we have a place here that i want to check out, just don't know how abraham will respond to it, he may become his own gutter ball! lol


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