Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunday Funday

I had to work most of the day on Sunday since I have a big proposal due this week, but Stewart was off shift and had the opportunity to go to the Seahawks game, so I dropped him off in SoDo on my way to work. I was very jealous. He spent a couple hours at 88 Keys before heading down to the CLink for the game, and had a great time even though the Hawks ended up losing.

Stew saw some more friends at the game!

Stew and his moustache having a great time.

When I picked him up after the game Stew wasn't quite ready to go home yet, so we met some friends at The Noble Fir in Ballard for a drink. We hadn't been to that bar before and the atmosphere was really cool, although I was disappointed to learn that they only serve beer and wine, because I was really craving a mojito. Instead I got Snowdrift Dry Cider which was actually really good. Then on the way home we stopped to grab dinner at our favorite local pizzeria, Snoose Junction.  

So even though I had to work most of the day I still think it was a successful Sunday Funday for both of us!


  1. holy crap, that pizza (the half cheese side) looks so freakin yummy!!!!!!!!!


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