Monday, October 10, 2011

No Girls Allowed

Last week Stew got invited to a co-worker's birthday celebration at Kells, so I rushed home from work to get ready for a rare Friday night on the town. As I was putting on the finishing touches, Stew was texting with a few of the guys. "Huh, it seems like only guys are going," he mentioned. Even though I had spent quite a while on my hair and makeup, I offered to stay home. But it seemed extremely unlikely that only boys would be attending a birthday party, and Stew and I rarely go out anymore, so we headed out together.

It didn't take long before we realized our mistake. It was boys’ night out, and Stewart had tackily brought his fiancĂ©! In his defense, no one told him that it was "no girls allowed" so I didn't particularly care and ordered myself an Irish car bomb to defuse the awkwardness. I kind of felt like a traitor to my gender by not immediately texting every single girlfriend I know to tell them that a group of about 15 firefighters was hanging out at Kells without female supervision, but I really don't have that many single friends anymore, and frankly I didn't want to make the situation worse!

In any case, we had a really good night that ended on the dance floor at the Frontier Room in Belltown (I haven't been there in years!) so all's well that ends well I suppose. But next time I'll have to check out the invite details myself!


  1. Sounds fun!! Was it just the guys and you on the dance floor?

  2. this sounds fun, i used to be the only girl w/ dustin's group of friends when we would go on little outdoor adventures!


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