Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Colors

Last weekend I went down to Olympia to work on checking some things off the wedding to-do list with my mom. We went shopping for her dress (success!), selected and scanned in family photos for a "memory table" I'm working on, and hit the fabric store to finalize the wedding colors.

Because our wedding is on St. Patrick's Day, of course I long ago chose Kelly green as our main color, and the bridesmaids have already ordered their dresses in that shade. However, I knew I needed an accent color, so I chose purple, simply because I like that color and the two seem to go well together. But I was never completely sold and I couldn't quite envision how it would all come together.

However, early on in the process I purchased from Etsy this set of absolutely gorgeous garters. So I began to think to myself... should I change my mind about the purple? Green, blue and peacock feathers was really starting to grow on me. So I ran it by some of my trusted advisers, and they absolutely agreed that the color change would be beautiful. I think it will also give our wedding a little bit more of a classy feel, avoiding that "a leprechaun threw up in here" look.

So our wedding colors are going to be Kelly green and two shades of blue, with peacock feather accents! I'm very excited, and I immediately went back to Etsy and bought this bird cage card holder, which is hands down my favorite wedding item thus far. Things are getting exciting!  


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