Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Wives Cook, Right?

Sometimes I joke that I'm going to be a terrible wife because I dislike cooking so much, and when I do attempt it, the results aren't very pretty. I generally just make the same healthy, boring things over and over again. But ironically, the Food Network is my favorite channel and I watch it all the time, and every once in a while I get inspired to try some new recipes. Or at least bring a little more variety and general yumminess into our lives. Because that's what good wives do, right?

Although I didn't go crazy and try any new recipes, I did make two fairly decent meals at home this week. Not a big deal for most people, but I was pretty proud of myself and Stew said everything was delicious so that means I accomplished my goal.

Chicken Pad Thai. It turned out a little bland because I think I
used too much chicken and not enough sauce, but I'm sure I
can perfect this recipe next time.

Chicken Soft Tacos. These were super delicious mainly because
of the avocado and cilantro. However, I didn't have any of our
favorite mango salsa from Trader Joe's so we just used the regular
stuff, but I think mango salsa would have cranked them up a notch.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. OK fine, I admit it, these came from one
of those pre-made packages where you just break them apart and
bake them, but they looked so yummy I had to include a pic.
Besides, why would anyone go to the trouble of baking cookies from
scratch when these are just as delicious and take a fraction of the time?!

I know I will never love cooking or look forward to any aspect of it, but I do want to be able to feed my family healthy and yummy meals someday. This means I really need to make an effort to find and cook new healthy recipes from time to time. I wonder if there's any chance it will get any easier or more enjoyable over time? I doubt it...

PS - Did anyone notice that our plates are a rainbow of different colors? I can't wait to register for dishes!


  1. I used to hate cooking. I never understood how it could be something enjoyable. My dad LOVES to cook and he would always try to get me to cook with him and it was awful.

    As I've gotten older I've learned to really love it. I lived by myself for 4 years and that's when I REALLY learned to cook, and really enjoy it.

    I don't actually like following recipes. Even if I see a recipe that looks good, I almost always modify it in some way. I love experimenting with different spices and herbs, different veggies, etc.

    Real Simple magazine has some great recipes every month that are usually quick and easy.

  2. omg looks good! i make those cookies all the time too, the choc. chip lovers! i know b/c i can tell by the chips, those big rectangle ones break off while i'm putting them on the pan and i eat them LOL.. i'm such a horrible cook too, i just went through almost a whole vegetarian cook book and didn't like ANYTHING in it. Dustin and I eat pizza like twice a week and spagetti and grilled cheese, horrible!!!

  3. @Stevie - Here's hoping that one day I get inspired! Good for you though, it sounds like you're doing awesome.

    @Brooke - That menu sounds amazing. But it's a wonder you guys are so thin, LOL.


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