Monday, October 31, 2011

Hometown Halloween

This year, along with some of our friends, we received an invite to an "Outlaween Party" at Outlaws Saloon in Ferndale - Stew's home town! Stew has been working hard on growing his moustache for the past couple months, so of course he wanted to incorporate it into his Halloween costume. Because of his work schedule he hasn't gotten to dress up and celebrate Halloween for the past couple years, so we really wanted to go all out. Remembering that Mario has a pretty intense moustache, we ordered some legit Super Mario and Princess Peach outfits. We loved the way they turned out, and we ended up having a fantastic night out in Ferndale (and it was like a mini high school reunion for Stew!)... Here are some pictures that capture the evening best.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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