Saturday, November 2, 2013

First Trimester Exhaustion

Ah yes, the dreaded first trimester of pregnancy and all it's horrible symptoms. I had almost all of them, some of which I'll share with you here.
For me, one of the earliest signs of pregnancy was complete and utter exhaustion. I felt mentally, physically and emotionally drained in a way that not even the aftermath of a 24 hour tequila binger can compare to.
The first time I came home from work and passed out (face first, in my work clothes, at 6pm) for two hours, Stew was kind of worried. But the big news a week or so later obviously explained a lot. It's tiring work growing a tiny human!

Until you're pregnant, it's hard to really understand what your body will feel like, or what you should expect. My friends had shared their personal stories with me, but let me tell you... until you experience pregnancy first hand, it's hard to grasp what you're actually in for.

Every woman is unique, but the vast majority who experience pregnancy complain about extreme exhaustion. I'm not talking about feeling tired. I mean all-consuming, worst hangover of your life, getting the flu, haven't slept in five days (all happening at once), DEBILITATING, "I could not function even if Eddie Vedder showed up to do a private concert on my front lawn" exhaustion.

Poor Stewie. Most nights after work I would come home, vomit (we'll discuss morning sickness in another chapter), eat dinner, and then try to spend some quality time with my neglected hubby. That usually lasted about ten minutes, when he would look over mid-conversation and find me completely passed out. 
 Sleeping ten, eleven, even twelve hours a night never felt like enough. I fell asleep on the bus, mid phone conversation, at my desk at work... during a Seahawks game for gawd sakes!  Now you know it's serious.

So for those of you I've been neglecting these past couple months, I'm so sorry. But I was asleep.

Even though I'm past the first trimester now, the tiredness doesn't seem to be letting up much. I hope that will change as things progress and Baby stops sucking the ever-loving life out of me. But it's a small price to pay, I suppose.

It's tough, growing a human... 


  1. OMG!!!!! Yayyyyyy! I loved reading this post and I know the feeling. Crazy enough, I miss those days. I had morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy. If your Dr. hasn't told you about Zofran yet, bring that up during your next visit. It works wonders!! So happy for you!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! This is how I felt and I was only five weeks pregnant (and back in 2004 when I was pregnant). I'm the person who gets up at 5AM to take Rob to work and can NEVER go back to sleep or nap during the day and I could barely make it the ten minutes home with my eyes open and would sleep almost all day without getting anything done. I should have known something was up with me right away. Don't worry Lil Mama.. in no time, you will get some energy back! Be sure you are drinking plenty of fluids and eating lots of veggies for energy and it will come to you. And the Pinterest Housewife is right, Zofran is THE WORLD'S GREATEST thing for nausea. It's safe for the baby, it disolves quickly in your mouth, and works quick. I live on it now (after having my stomach issues) and carry it with me ALL the time. XOXO

  3. Sadly, the first trimester is nothing. Wait til your third. And wait til your labor! Haha this is all to prepare you for the sleepless nights your in for for.. A long time. That being said-/ everything is SO worth in and you're in for the biggest treat ever!!!! I'm super lucky that I had no bad exhaustion and was not so much as even a little nauseous once. Make sure you're getting pampered lots!! You deserve it! And sleep as much as you can!!

  4. I think it makes a lot of sense to be so exhausted - despite it being very unpleasant - I mean you are GROWING A BABY INSIDE YOU. But the vomiting, seriously, I feel like we should have evolved past that by now.

  5. ahh congratulations!!! Just found out two of my friends are pregnant as well and so so so tired! I never realized how hard the first few months are!

  6. Aaaaahhhh!! I missed the announcement! Congratulations!!
    Seriously, the exhaustion almost killed me! I never did nap during the day but I HAD to sleep 12-14 hours each night. It was crazy! In fact, I remember saying (the night before we found out) that I literally thought I would die if I didn't get my sleep! I had no idea what was going on. The next morning I had a feeling to take a pregnancy test... and the positive sign answered all of my questions :)

  7. Don't say this! It isn't true! (I'm living in denial about all things pregnancy and birth related so that I'll still want to get pregnant) PS. I really hope you start feeling better again soon!

  8. I was super tired at first too, but I think you had it a lot worst :( But trust me, it's all worth it!


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