Monday, November 11, 2013

Emotional Basket Case

I promise that eventually EVERY post won't be about me being knocked up, but hiding my pregnancy for two months was TOUGH, so I think I deserve a little slack, and room to word vomit some of my complaints here for a second.
Growing a human leaves you feeling delighted, anxious, exhilarated and exhausted — sometimes all at once. But even if you're thrilled about being pregnant, the situation still adds emotional stress to your life. For me, this translated into extreme mood swings and bouts of uncontrolled (and often unexplained) weeping.
No, I'm not talking about a single, angelic tear.
Or something like hot, vulnerable Miley Cyrus, misunderstood Gretchen Wieners, or friendship betrayed Lauren Conrad.

For me, it was more like a combination of "Joey chose Pacey over me??" plus "I traded my voice to the Sea Witch for legs and Prince Charming still doesn't love me," and "I'll never, ever get back to my life before I fell through this damned rabbit hole" all rolled into one.

Seriously, Stewart started to think I had gone totally Looney Tunes. My body was completely flooded with hormones, and almost anything could set me off. Reruns of Full House, almost every single link posted on Facebook (especially "Giving is the Best Communication"), and any sentimental TV commercials: credit cards, McDonald's, Hallmark... especially the one for Extra Gum.
Shows or movies with kids or babies in them, pretty flowers, sad songs, sirens in the distance... I couldn't go a day without something setting me off.
Some days I would come home from work, collapse into bed, and start sobbing. Poor Stew would ask me what was wrong, and all I could explain was, "I just don't feel good!!"
One night, while I was taking a nap, Stew made us dinner. I was super impressed and thankful, and told him so, to which he replied, "See, I'm still capable of taking care of myself." I thought he was insinuating that he will one day again be single... bring on the waterworks!
Oh, and let me tell you about the time we tried to watch Blackfish. If you can watch this documentary without weeping, you're freaking dead inside. I happened to tune in right when they were separating the baby whales from the rest of the pod, and I about lost my ever-loving mind. It took quite a while to stop the hysterical sobbing, and Stew finished that movie on his own later.
I honestly don't think there is any good way to cope with these emotions during pregnancy, except to remind yourself that what you're feeling is normal. Stew provided me with an amazing amount of support, understanding and encouragement during the first trimester, and now that a lot of the extremes are over we're able to look back and laugh.
Although those reruns of Full House still really get to me...
I hope everyone is enjoying themselves on this Veteran's Day. I always especially remember my Uncle Dean and my Granddad today. And thank you to ALL the veterans who have served our country so bravely.


  1. Aw I'm sorry you had to go through the emo stage! I remember the baby blues after having Abraham n crying at every dumb commercial!!! I love these pics of crying people lol to Dawson!

  2. Just wait until the short fuse,mom annoyed with the world frustration sets in!! Lol. I think my hubby would have taken my tears!! Haha

  3. I'm sorry you were feeling so emotional, but I have to tell you, the way you wrote this post made me laugh out loud!

  4. HAHA you crazy, insane Lady! Those emotionals aren't normal! What books are you reading and who are you talking to???? JK JK! I know EXACTLY what you are talking to and things will settle down but pregnancy and "growing a human" is so magical that things will so preciously touch you that you will have some tears during pregnancy.. possibly not so bad as the first trimester but hang in there! You are lucky that Stewie is a good guy and supportive. We are all here for you! Hang in there Lovely!

  5. Oh no! We women cry enough as it is... I don't think pregnancy hormones should be allowed.

  6. Cry Away!!! Sometimes I just feel so much better to let out a good cry from time to time!
    xo Jessica

  7. This is seriously exactly what I'm going to be like pregnant. I'm a crier anyways so I know it's going to be extreme! I think you are totally allowed to cry as much, as often as you want though. lol

  8. Oh dear. I must have been experiencing the same hormone when I went on the pill a few years ago. I cried CONSTANTLY. LIke all the time. The strange thing is when I cry and I'm "normal" (if I could ever be called normal), I'm generally a snotty mess, but the hormonal crying as all tears and very little snot. I mean, A LOT of tears...but still, it was odd.

  9. OMG! LOLLL!! I'm so sorry to be laughing but you're hilarious!! The one picture of Dawson had me LOL! I know exactly how you feel though girly! One day you'll look back on this post and laugh your butt off. So glad you are sharing with us your journey - I'm still so very much happy for you. Xoxo

  10. hang in there! I was the same way, but I hate to tell you that for me it got much worst right after I had Ronan, I was a mess! Commercials or country music or children's books (don't read I'll love you forever!!!) would have me bawling in seconds and I couldn't even explain why. Hopefully you got it out of your system early :)


  11. Hahaha, your posts and gifs are so funny. I'm so sorry about your emotional rollercoaster (although I have to admit, I do love to have a good cry once in a while; throw one at me!). It will be fun to look back on once the baby is here. Have a good week!

    1. Thanks! I hoped people would find them entertaining, especially Dawson, that one was my favorite. :-)

  12. Oh man, these gifs are cracking me up! Well, you do an amazing job of looking pulled together at the office - I don't think anyone has a clue of the emotional ride you are on! Hang in there!!

    Jess @ The Odell Yodel

  13. Sorry, I laughed out loud like crazy. I know this crazy hormone induced state that you speak of. Mine was actually worse weeks 1 and 2 post delivery. Those hormone shifts were nucking futs!!!! But you're sanity returns….kinda. :)


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