Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Today I'm saying SO WHAT if...
Life After I Dew
I've only just started my Christmas shopping. I've totally got time, right?
We ate pizza and hot dogs for dinner last night at Costco. It was all delicious.
Sometimes I turn up the heat in the evenings. It's freaking freezing and I think the couple extra bucks are worth it.
I can't figure out why the new version of Adobe Acrobat functions NOTHING like the previous version. And I'm so frustrated I want to throw my keyboard out the window.
My work pants will barely button anymore. It's an excuse to go shopping.
Our neighbors have fantastic, perfect Christmas lights all over their house. I'm not jealous. Really.
I haven't washed my hair since Sunday. That's why they invented dry shampoo.
 Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond are suspended. The Seahawks don't need those stoners, anyway.
I haven't had a pedicure since my trip to Denver. It's boot season.
I scheduled some stuff to post over the next few days. I can't be expected to write blogs when I should be spending quality time with friends and family for Thanksgiving, right?
I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" today. Have you seen her blog? It's super cute and kind of reminds me of my own... check her out!
Is there anything you're saying SO WHAT to this week?
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  1. Costco hot dogs are my weakness. I don't even wanna talk about how badly I am in need of a pedicure. Point is... I feel ya, sister friend.

  2. Costco hot dog dates are my favorite! We went on one on Sunday. Yeah, I'm a cheap date.

  3. I have never used dry shampoo.. the idea is crazy to me. But then again, my hair is almost down to my buttocks (lol, that work gets me every time). I haven't started shopping either and don't plan on it. I have two people to buy for and that's it. We don't exchange with anyone really. You should check to see if your local Old Navy has a maternity section because their clothes are super comfy, well priced, and I've got codes for percentages off that I'm not going to use. Oh, and I probably had a pedicure in middle school last.

  4. There are days when the hot dog combo is my dinner @ Sam's or I go out of my way to make it that way. No cooking is the best dinner sometimes. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    1. Honestly I'm a fan of any meal that I don't have to cook myself. :-) Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  5. I have done no christmas shopping. Oy.

  6. Mmmm, Costco dogs are the best! And their pouting too! Yumm!!
    Enjoy your family time! Happy thanksgiving!
    We have our heat on at night too! It's so cold!


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