Friday, November 22, 2013

Dear Baby... 16 Weeks

Dear Baby,

I haven't thrown up at all this week, so I think you are finally settling in and are going to let me have a bit of a break. I've felt more like myself these past few days than I have in a long time. My energy is back up and I've been sleeping really well... my only complaint is that it's mostly been alone, because your Daddy has been working so much, helping us save for your arrival.

My skin has cleared up, too, and my only real pregnancy complaint is this weird new hairline I still seem to be growing. At least I don't seem to be growing strange hairs in other odd places... yet. Honestly, I'm feeling a little disconnected from you this week. I'm feeling better, but I can't really feel you moving much yet, so sometimes it feels like this whole "being knocked up" situation is a big joke. I'm chubby and my clothes are getting uncomfortable, but I don't have a real "baby bump" yet, so it seems silly to shop for maternity clothes. Keep growing in there!

Can you believe we are 16 weeks (four months!) along already?!
The time is flying by, and we're almost halfway there!

You are now the size of an avocado, measuring about four and a half inches and weighing roughly three ounces. Tiny bones are forming in your ears, which means you can pick up voices now, and I'll have to tell your Daddy that it's time to start singing to you! You also have eyebrows, lashes, and your hair is starting to fill in (assuming you don't take after your father these days).

Your uncle AJ is coming up this weekend to clear his stuff out of the nursery, which I guess means it's time for me to start thinking about decorating! I know I want to do predominantly grey and white in there, but I can't decide on the accent color until I know if you're a boy or a girl... We can't wait to find out!

I'm sure I'll regret saying this a few months from now, but go ahead and start kicking a little harder, because I want to feel you movin' and groovin' in there!

Love Always,


  1. Geez.. four months already. Before you know it, you'll be having your baby shower and packing your hospital bags. I can't wait for you to start feeling movement because not only is it so freaking cool but it's the most incredible feeling in the world. PS- you look great!! XOXO

  2. I see a little bump there. So cute! Hope and pray it stays relatively little because that means less flabby skin to tighten up afterwards. That's my struggle now that Olive is here. Worth it but still no fun.

  3. I love the gray and white with an accent color for the nursery. That will be so cute! I am so glad that you are feeling like yourself again. Don’t worry, your baby bump will be here in no time, I am sure!

    Jess @ The Odell Yodel

  4. wahoo! baby bump pics! you look amazing and i can't WAIT until you feel baby alway moving and grooving!! heart you so and SO excited for you and stew!

  5. When do you find out what you're having?? I'm thinking girl. I found out at 14 weeks!

  6. You look so good!! And so teeny tiny!! I can't wait to hear what you're having!!

  7. You definitely have a little bump! It's adorable! :-)

  8. Oh my goodness, you are just adorable! :)

  9. You have the cutest tiniest little bump! Glad you are feeling better. Second trimester is the best in pregnancy, especially once you start feeling movement.

  10. You are so cute! You definitely have a pregnancy glow =)


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