Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Social

Hey kiddos! What are y'all up to today on this fine Sunday? I'm off to watch the Seahawks smash the Vikings (hopefully), but first, for a fun little change, I thought I'd link up with Ashley and Neely for their Sunday Social.

This Week's Questions

1. Name 4 jobs you’ve had in your life.

I got my very first job when I was in high school, as a part time receptionist in a dental clinic. I've also been a hostess (Olive Garden... Black Angus), a newspaper reporter (city government & health beat), and Cold Stone crew member in Waikiki. Yes, I remember all the tip songs, and no, I won't sing them for you.

2. Name 4 movies you would watch over and over.

Honestly, I am a chronic movie re-watcher. My mom thinks I'm absolutely nuts to waste time watching stuff I've already seen, but I just love it. Stewart constantly finds me watching random old movies on TV. Here are some of my faves:

Titanic - I'll never be able to pass this one up, no matter how many times I've seen it (and it was FOUR times in the theater, if you're wondering). "You jump, I jump, right?"

Dirty Dancing - I just caught the end of this one the other day on ABC Family or something like that. Oh my goodness, "No one puts Baby in the corner..." the lift at the end... Patrick Swayze's hot bod... CHILLS!

A Christmas Story - 'Tis the season, so I thought I would throw this one in. Honestly, "24 hours of A Christmas Story" is a bit much... but somehow I end up watching this movie at least two or three times every year. Never gets old...

Newsies - This '90s Disney movie is kind of a cult classic, and it doesn't get near the amount of recognition it deserves. It's rarely shown on TV, but I own the DVD and I pop it in any time I feel like I need a little cheering up (hello, Christian Bale). Carryin' the Banner...

3. Name 4 places you have lived.

Lacey, Washington - Toddler until I left for college in 2000. Hometown represent!

Bellingham, Washington - WWU until 2004! Oh, the college years, what a blur...

Waikiki, Hawaii - Three months in 2003. A brief period during which I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

Seattle, Washington - 2005 to 2013... I call these my "single and fabulous" years. Until I met Stew, of course.

4. Name 4 of your favorite foods.

Macaroni and Cheese (any kind, from anywhere, at any time)

Pad Thai (Veggie w/ tofu from Wild Ginger if I get to choose, but I'll eat it from pretty much anywhere)

Big Mac (Don't judge! I know this thing is literally poison in the form of a hamburger, but it's one my absolute, all-time favorite things. I eat about two a year and never regret them)

Sushi (Wasabi Bistro is my fave, and I already have big plans for Stew to bring it to me in the hospital after I deliver)

5. Name 4 things you always carry with you.

iPhone, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, and these days, a tiny human.

6. Name 4 places you have been on vacation.

I just had this conversation with someone the other day... is a trip the same as a vacation? In any case, here are some I've been to quite a few times:

Eventually, my plan is to post about all the places we went on our 2010 European tour, but that's something for another day.
Sunday Social
Have a great rest of your weekend, everyone!
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  1. I love Newsies! I should add that to my list...too bad we're limited to 4 this week. (Swinging by from Sunday Social).

  2. OMG! I wish people would stop reminding me of how much I need sushi right now! (jk) I posted about sushi too so great minds think alike! You did SUCH a good job with this Sunday Social-- I feel like a proud mom! Would you believe that I've never seen Newsies??? XOXO

  3. Did you eat so much ice cream at Coldstone, or SO much ice cream, hahaha! Just kidding. I feel bad you had to sing those terrible tip songs though!

    - Lauren @

  4. I love Titanic, and the music in Newsies is awesome! :) A Christmas Story seriously gets on my nerves, but somehow with the 24 hour of A Christmas Story, I manage to see the whole thing at least once a season. haha :)

    I also always carry my phone, lip gloss, and hand tiny human here, though.

  5. I have never seen Newsies, but if Christian Bale is in it, I'll definitely check that out! ;) I love me some him!

    That is so awesome that you lived in Hawaii for 3 months. I'm sure I am going to regret not doing anything like that when I'm older. I am so afraid I am going to have an EAT PRAY LOVE experience when I get older because of the sheltered life I have lived before marriage. I hope not, lol. So that's awesome that you have those memories!

    That's so funny you mentioned that you will have Stew bring you Sushi after you deliver, LMAO! I said the exact same thing to my friends. I said I would have my favorite Sushi place on speed dial and order 435094385 rolls. Haha! That was the worst during pregnancy - I was craving Sushi all.the.time.

    Love your answer about carrying around a tiny human - so happy for ya, lady!!

    Take care. ;-)

  6. Oh, a tiny human! I love that, so cute!
    Dirty Dancing is on my list too!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog xx

  7. Aww I love your tiny human answer! so sweet! It was hard naming movies - I saw Titanic 4 times at the movie theater - plus own it - and then still watch it every time it comes on TV...crazy good.

  8. I love SF and waikiki both.
    I need some new place to go...:-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. I consider any time I take a trip, it's a vacation. I'm away from my home and someplace new! :) (Plus I'm not cooking! That's a vacation by my standards. lol)
    "Tiny human", haha, I always felt the same way when I carried either kid. I referred to them as either tadpole or butterfly because of the way it felt when they kicked for the first time (made their existence so much more real!)
    Stopping by, thanks for showing my blog some love :D

  10. Newsies !!!!! YES YES YES that totally should have gone on my list absolutely love that movie. I have it on Dvd as well and come to think about it my older sister has been holding it hostage for almost a year now lol It really doesn't get as much recognition as it should. Its one of the best musicals out there in my opinion !!

    Jocelyn @ Pretty Lucky Mama

  11. Aw! I love your tiny human pic you carry around. :)

  12. Hey girl! I agree with Dirty Dancing, Titanic, Pad Thai, Mac n Cheese, and Sushi! I also browsed through a lot of your recent posts and really enjoyed reading them! Congrats on the 'little human"! I will check back to see how things are going! Thanks for stopping by my blog via the link up! PS I laughed at the Coldstone song comment and I am jealous of your past and future travels! :) xXo Michelle

  13. I think Hawaii is a great place to figure out your life! Stopping by from the linkup!

  14. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry to hear about the sushi withdrawls-- I'll eat extra next time just for you! lol

  15. I love that you counted tiny human! I don't know how you moved away from Hawaii - my husband and I love it there. Never been to Waikiki, but we got married in Maui and went to Kauai...loved Kauai so much that we went back a year later and are constantly trying to figure out when we can again! Of course, after 6 weeks of parenthood, we realize that could be a long time off...
    Thanks for stopping by That's What We Did!

    1. Honestly it was such a blast living there, but I was ready to come back. The humidity and bugs started to get to me, and I was getting super claustrophobic, which they call Rock Fever over there. I was ready to come back to the mainland! I've never been to any other islands, but we're planning to visit Maui in August and I'm really excited!

  16. ohhh Pad Thai I did not think of that one. I will have to look for Newsies and check it out. Thanks

    1. Pad Thai is my favorite, no matter where it's from! As not as it's not too spicy...

  17. ooh, i also have a thing for pad thai. totally adding wild ginger to my list of must tries.
    and, i also have a huge soft spot for a christmas story, totally my favorite christmas movie!

    hello, rigby!

    1. Wild Ginger is SO good! If I don't get the pad thai there I get the seven flavor beef, which is also amazing. Check it out!

  18. Oh course any trip is a vacation - are you at work - nope - then you are on vacation! :) I remember the first time I saw Dirty Dancing, I totally wanted to learn how to dance like that. I even tried to copy the moves from the TV. Nerdy I know. But I loved the movie so much, I wanted to be Baby!

    Jess @ The Odell Yodel

  19. Ahhhh coldstone!!! Sweet cream ice cream with brownies fudge and caramel please!!

  20. Love you blog, and really love seeing the photos of the Seahawks game! I miss going to those

    1. Thanks Amber! The Seahawks games are so much fun, I look forward to football season all year long! I can't believe that we're already getting so close to the end... playoffs, baby!


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