Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This or That -- Thanksgiving Edition

Today I'm linking up with Kristine for This or That, the Thanksgiving Edition. It seemed appropriate...
Stuffing or mashed potatoes?
This is a tough choice, considering that I am a total carbohydrate junkie. Give me both of these items over turkey any day of the year. But judging by my plate last year, I think mashed potatoes get a slight edge. Must have lots of butter and gravy, of course...
Homemade cranberry sauce or store bought?
No. Ew. That being said, I think I've only ever had the kind that comes out of a can in one big, slimy lump. So maybe homemade is better? Who knows...
Pumpkin pie or pecan pie?
Pecan, all the way. I really, really dislike pumpkin or anything remotely pumpkin flavored. I don't think pumpkins were ever meant to be consumed by anything other than maybe cows. But definitely not humans. Pecan pie with lots of whipped cream (or vanilla ice cream, preferably), is pretty delish though. And lucky for me Stew loves pumpkin pie, so he can have my share.
Cooking all day or cleaning all night?
Cleaning all night, definitely. I don't mind clearing the table and doing the dishes at all, but everyone knows that I am no chef, and the idea of preparing Thanksgiving dinner absolutely gives me anxiety. I hope I will NEVER be in a position where I have to host this holiday. I can barely even enjoy going to someone else's house for Thanksgiving, because I stress so much about what I'm going to bring to contribute to the meal. I think I should start a new tradition where Stew and I just bring cash. Or wine. That being said, check out this apron Patty bought me last year to help in the kitchen. I don't mind HELPING (I do take direction well), I just don't want to be responsible for anything on my own.
Thanksgiving Day Parade or a football game?
Have we met? FOOTBALL! But the Seahawks aren't playing until December 2 for Monday Night Football, so I guess I'll have to find something else to watch next weekend. Last year it was the Civil War (U of O vs. OSU) and that was pretty fun. I don't follow college football though, so in these situations I usually just root for the team with the best uniforms. Or mascot.
How about you? What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving foods or traditions? Whatever they may be, I hope you get to spend the holiday with lots of friends and family members, with countless things to be thankful for.
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  1. Thanks for linking up with us! I hope you have a great thanksgiving!!

  2. haha! I laughed out loud when I read about pumpkins only being consumed by cows :) We would make a good team - I love cooking, but hate cleaning up! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Those are some tough questions, I don't think it is possible to choose between stuffing and mashed potatoes! (My favorite is putting stuffing, mashed potatoes, and turkey in my roll like a sandwich!)
    I don't like cranberry sauce either ha ha!
    Loved reading your answers!

  4. The seahawks will never play on turkey day. I've come to accept this. Damn you Dallas abs Detroit always getting to play that day.

  5. I wish we had Thanksgiving :( instead on Thursday I shall be spending my day at work, bored, thinking of all you Americans eating delicious food!

  6. Watching football while stuffing my face with turkey is always a win for me. I am usually the only female who cares about the game but oh well.

  7. I seriously don't think I could choose between stuffing and mashed potatoes. I usually only have less stuffing on my plate because there's less stuffing to be shared. lol I LOVE pecan pie, and I plan to be glued to NBC as much as possible on Thursday because I do like the parade, and the Steelers are actually playing on Thanksgiving. They usually don't!

  8. What a cute post! Love your apron. Pass the pecan pie!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Not that the apron got much use because I didn't do much cooking, but I liked wearing it anyway. :-)

  9. Such a cute apron!! And yeah, we had such similar answers!! However, I do like pumpkin spice lattes! Lol!! Enjoy your day, happy thanksgiving!


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