Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Problems with Boots

I have a major problem with boots.
First of all, let me clarify to say that I LOVE them and would honestly wear boots every single day if I could. Heels, wedges, flats, short, tall, dressy, casual, cowboy... you name it, I adore them.
But here is my problem...
I have huge calves.
At least I think that's the problem. In any case, about 75 percent of the time when I purchase boots I cannot get the darn things to zip up over my calves. And this is before I put skinny jeans or leggings underneath them. And although I love them, one can only have so many pairs of short and mid-height boots. I want TALL ones! It really is a tragic dilemma.
I have been wanting some tall, black, wedge boots for the longest time. And guess what... for my birthday my mom gave me these beauties...
Jessica Simpson Becki Wedge Boots from Macy's
They were exactly what I had been dreaming about!
I rushed to try them on, already envisioning all the outfits I could pair them with. And then came the sting... The all-too-familiar pinch of the zipper hitting max capacity and the skin of my calf beginning to pucker and bulge above the top of the boot. My fat calves were not allowing the zipper to close.
I wiggled my toes sadly in the perfect size 6.5 bottom section of the boot and then sadly pulled it off.
First world problems.
Why, oh why, is this be such a challenge for me?! I'm going to take them to Macy's this week to see if they are available to order in "wide calf," but if not I'm outta luck and will just have to return them.
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  1. HAHA that's funny as hell! If your dang footsie wasn't so small, your calves would fit!!

  2. Do you like ankle boots at all?? I've been living in about three different pairs I'm rotating between.

  3. Haha. Aww! I agree with Jamie! Your calves would probably fit if you didn't have such a small shoe size! lol :)

  4. Thankfully I can fit in most boots but I can totally feel you about things not fitting properly!

  5. I've never had the calf problem but I can't stand boots that are slip on rather than having a zipper... I can never get my damn foot into them AT ALL!

  6. Oh my god, I have the SAME problem!! I haven't met too many others like this. It sucks. I love boots, and have only found a few pairs to fit over my football calves. It really is such a travesty. If eel your pain!!

  7. ugh, same problem. i have steve madden intyce boots and if they fit my calf, they'll fit yours. try those!!!

  8. I used to have this problem but I really dont this year, not sure why?! I have a recommendation at Macy's if you need one!


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