Thursday, December 26, 2013

Live & Learn -- Crochet v. Knitting

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I struggled to think of a clever or humiliating yet entertaining lesson to share with you today, so instead I chose to share with you something I learned that was actually new information for me! I'm sure it won't be for all you crafty homemakers out there... 

At my holiday office book club last week, our HR manager was kind enough to hand make each book clubber their very own snowflake Christmas ornament...

Isn't it adorable?!
Of course my first reaction was to say, "Oh my gosh, you knitted this yourself?"

No... apparently not. She didn't KNIT the ornaments, she CROCHETED them -- and apparently there is a huge difference! My lesson began... 

People often confuse knitting and crochet, which is understandable because they share many similarities and common elements. Both crafts utilize yarn or fiber, and you can make the same sorts of projects (sweaters, shawls, wraps, blankets, afghans, scarves, hats, mittens, socks) with either technique.

BUT, my co-worker explained, the two crafts have some very important differences, so much so that many people can become highly offended if you mistakenly label their craft project as "knitting" when it is, in fact, "crochet." 

Knitters use two pointy needles while crocheters use a single hook, and there are important structural differences between crocheted fabric and knitted fabric (but I can't really tell the difference... shhhh!!)

Most often, apparently, people specialize in either knitting or crochet, but not both. My co-worker says that rivalries over which one is better run rampant in crafting circles, and I think if you're a "knitter" you're not allowed to socialize with a "crocheter." Kind of like the Sharks and the Jets, as I understand it.

In any case, my word to the wise is to be VERY CAREFUL with your wording when you are commenting on or complimenting someone's handmade sweater, blanket or hat. If you identify it incorrectly to the wrong crafter, they are likely to cut your head right off with one of those knitting needles, and then it's no more personalized holiday sweaters for you.

Live & Learn.

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  1. Haha! I have tried nothing knitting and crocheting, and knitting is definitely easier. (But all I can make are even though I've done both and know the difference in tools and technique, I KNOW that I couldn't tell the difference just by looking at a craft, sweater, or scarf!

  2. I knew knitting and crocheting were different but I never knew that there was such a war between the two. I better watch myself since I do both... Maybe I'll be a double agent. ;-)

  3. Phew! So glad I've never made this mistake before... it sounds BAD! Hahahahahaah! I never even knew there WAS a difference!!! Eeek! :P

  4. HAHA Double Agent! I wish I still remembered how to crochet!!

  5. Haha I knew there was a difference but I would probably have a hard time telling them apart too. I still haven't gotten around to learning how to knit but when I was reading about it before I ordered some tools in preparation to learn, one of the things that something I read recommended was a crochet needle (apparently used to add embellishments to the ends of things)...I wonder if crocheters get offended by knitters using one of their tools lol.

  6. Kind of like the Sharks and the Jets! HA! That made me laugh. Who knew there were such rivals in the crafting community!

  7. This is hilarious. I know there is a difference but can't tell either! Haha

  8. Ha! Love this. I love to knit and have been knitting for years, but I have never been able to grasp crochet at all. I've tried several times, and I just can't seem to make it work. So I've given up and stick with knitting. Does that make me a shark or a jet? ;-)

  9. haha i have gotten irritated with this before. i crochet its easier for me. knitting is just too awkward for me. and i twist my stitches.


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