Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Baby Boy... 19 Weeks

Dear Baby Boy,

I'd say this has been our most epic week so far, wouldn't you?! I already knew I loved you, but when I saw your sweet, precious little face on the screen during our ultrasound it was like a piece of my soul broke off or something... I just cried and cried over how much I adore you.

Your daddy and I were so surprised to learn that you are a boy! For some reason we had been picturing ourselves with a daughter, but now that I know about my little man I can't imagine myself with anyone else. We even know what your name is, but we decided to keep it a secret from the world until you are born... Shhhhh!!!

Before I got pregnant (when I was wondering whether I'd ever be capable of being a parent) I thought that carrying a child would be incredibly strange. I worried that I wouldn't be able to reconcile the idea of having another tiny human inside my body. In fact, I actually worried that my body would somehow reject you! But now that you're growing away in there I often find myself absolutely consumed with protective instincts toward you. I feel myself curling protectively around you, attempting to enclose and protect the two of us from the outside world. I feel like keeping you warm, safe, healthy, ALIVE is the most important job I've ever had, and I'm determined to do the very best I can.

The rest of the ultrasound went great (apparently the doc had loftier goals besides seeing your penis and getting a great profile pic) and all of your parts seem to be in the correct places and are working normally. Also, your prenatal risk screen came back normal, which means that your risk for Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18 and spina bifida is lower than average. You're such a healthy baby boy already... good work!

 I'm so glad that we finally got to see your precious face, my darling baby boy!

Love Always,


  1. This brought tears to my eyes! You look great and you are going to be a styling Mama in your new ride!!

  2. ! This brings back memories and I'm so excited he is healthy and I'm wishing we lived closer!!

  3. I love this! And how you're already protecting him!! Awesome!

  4. this is precious! a little boy! YAY!

  5. Congratulations to you and your hubby on your baby BOY!!! Ahhh! I am so excited for you! Loved this post, too. So sweet. xX


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