Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Must Haves

We decorated the house for Christmas last weekend, and I must say we are seriously lacking in decorations. I guess that happens when you more than triple your square footage. But I told myself that this year I wasn't going to go broke decorating our new house for the holidays. Instead, I'm making do with what we have, and then hitting the after holiday sales for all the amazing steals and deals. That doesn't mean I don't wish for things, though...

I've been seeing sets of these adorable silver reindeer everywhere, and I am dying to pick some up for our mantle...

And I've had my eye on this Christmas wreath card holder from Amazon for YEARS...
I just think it's such a great way to display all the lovely personalized cards we always receive.
Now, if I were craftier, I would suck it up and create some DIY holiday decorations. But let's face it, that's not likely to happen in this lifetime. However, in an alternate universe, here are a couple I'd love to make...

Aren't these so pretty? I thought this was such a cute idea, and it would look great on top of our bar.
I suppose this one would be pretty easy and inexpensive...
Maybe I should think about trying to throw something together. Not likely...

If you're new here, you may not be aware of my obsession with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
But my friend Katie sent me this via Pinterest last week and I've been thinking about it ever since...
So radical!

Okee dokie, there you have it, some of my current holiday must haves (I'm linking up with Lindsey today for Must Have Monday).
The Crafty Practitioner

Oh, and just to give you a glimpse, here are some of the decorations we actually did put up this year... it's sparse, but please don't judge!
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  1. Awww! I love the decorations! They look perfect too. Now all you need is a stocking for LJ. I guess I'm going to have to make one for you and send it. We have absolutely NO decorations up in our house and I'm not missing them. Rob wanted to make a star with blue lights in our window (that faces the main Downtown street here) but I coud care less.

  2. cutest tree! I love those DIY decorations, so simple and cute looking. And the ninja turtles ornaments...just plain awesome!

  3. It doesn't look sparse!! It looks good!! Any decorations are better than none!! It seemed to take us forever to build up our decorations!! Now we buy a few things a year, just to add to it!!

  4. Oooooh, YES! I love that first idea! Super simple and super cheap! I'm definitely going to do that next year!
    And your decor is cute! You'll add more to it through the years so don't worry :) But I think it looks perfect!

  5. Thanks for linking up! I think that your decorations look great. I am SO JEALOUS that you have a mantle to decorate, we didn't put a fireplace in our house and I don't miss the fireplace but I do wish I had the mantle to decorate and hang stockings from!!!!

  6. I want those reindeer too!!! Problem is, I can't justify spending a bunch of money on them. I'm always on the after Christmas decoration sale so hopefully there will be some left then!

  7. Your mantle is adorable! I wish I could have stocking hangers, but out TV is front and center on ours. Too cute!

  8. Oh my goodness those Ninja Turtles bulbs are SO cute! My nephew is SUPER into Ninja Turtles right now, I'll have to show this to my sister!

  9. oh my gosh, those ninja turtles are the best! and after Christmas decorations are where we score ALL of our decorations. i always end up forgetting about them and being completely surprised every year!

  10. I barely have any Christmas decorations. Scott's not a big fan of the holidays, but I am. We did buy an artificial Christmas tree a few years ago (I hate it...). I have it up and the lights on it, but it doesn't really fit I'm still working that out before I put on the ornaments (hand me downs from my in-laws & all of the ornaments I made or got when I was a kid that my mom gave me) on. I also want to put lights on the porch so the neighborhood knows that we do celebrate Christmas. :-p

    BUT I plan to do the same thing...I want to hit up after season sales to score some great decorations. I want to have a pink & purple tree next year! :)

  11. I love the idea of candies in jars or glasses especially when you have guests come over during the holidays! Makes everything look so festive.

    Bridging the Gap"

    1. Absolutely! My only problem is that if I put candy in them my husband will eat all of it before we have any guests over! He has no self control when it comes to sugar. :-)

  12. Live the candy jars. We just decorated this last weekend too.

  13. I love the TMNT ornaments. Very clever.


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