Thursday, December 5, 2013

Live & Learn -- Like A Virgin

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Today I thought I'd start things off on a lighter note by sharing a story I was telling my co-workers the other day at lunch.

I was an extremely sheltered child in the '80s. This was before the days of Urban Dictionary and social media, and I was not even allowed to watch commercial television until probably middle school. So I may have been a bit less informed than my peers about a few things...

One afternoon in fifth grade I was sitting with my table group with three other students... a girl and two boys. The boys started to tease us with silly questions, and I'm sure I did my best to flirt back coyly as only a sheltered 10-year-old can manage. Then they dropped the bomb...

"Are you a virgin?"

I looked helplessly at the girl next to me, who snapped "Yes!" and then looked down at the table... no help at all.

I thought hard. My only association with the word "virgin" had to do with my religious upbringing, and the Virgin Mary. I used deductive reasoning. I was not an Isrealite Jewish woman from Nazareth, I had never trekked across the desert to pay my taxes, and I certainly did not give birth to the Christ Child in a manger (conceived miraculously by the Holy Spirit). In fact, the whole concept of conception and sexual intercourse had only been introduced to me in the past couple years, and they certainly didn't seem like anything I wanted any part of.

So obviously, "virgin" I was not.

I answered no.

And you can guess what happened next: one of the most mortifying and confusing moments of my life. The kids howled with laughter and began whispering my answer to nearby table groups. Horrified, but unable to understand why my response was incorrect, I stubbornly refused to change or explain my virginity status, face beet red and tears beginning to well up in my eyes.

Kids can be so cruel.

I don't exactly remember the details, but I'm sure after school I went right to my mother and learned the proper definition of the word "virgin," and I certainly never made that mistake again.

Ah... Live & Learn.

Poor, naïve, 10-year-old Sarah... sigh.

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  1. How mortifying!!!! I'm glad you got your virginity status figured out that night, though. Kids are ridiculous!!!

  2. Kids can be so cruel is right, and still to this day. In other news, thanks for sharing that selfie with us, lol! I entered - hope I win, you know me and my Chalkboards. Hope all is well, Lady!

  3. Aww kids definitely can be cruel. If it wasn't that it probably would have been another thing though so hopefully you were able to brush it off. At least you went home to look it up so as not to make that mistake twice.

  4. HAHA! I wasn't allowed to watch much tv either but somehow my sister "leaked" Dirty Dancing one night while babysitting so I got the idea!

  5. This is such a great story and a great life lesson! Love the photo - too cute!

  6. Awwww! You poor thing... that's mortifying for a child!

  7. Hilarious! The thought process of what a virgin could be is so funny. Kids can be so mean! ;)

  8. Omg too funny! 5th grade was a hard year! My first year in WA and I gave the boy I liked a valentine that said I love you on it, and everyone teased me! Too bad me n you didn't meet until 7th grade!

  9. Ouch. That's a tough lesson. Kids are so obnoxious. (I know this for a fact since I deal with them every day. At least I get paid to out up with them. Hehe.)

  10. Oh no! This is so funny, but at the time you must have been mortified! My 10-year-old nephew is currently obsessed with talking about virginity, it's a bit cringeworthy!


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