Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Shower for Crys & Baby Olive!

Dang, I should just go ahead and open up my own Etsy shop, the way I've been craftin' it up lately!
I'm actually not totally helpless when it comes to DIY projects (remember when I made the table numbers for our wedding?) I just don't really prefer to make something when it can be purchased at a store... which is usually easier and often cheaper (when you consider the materials and time that goes into craft projects).
But of course for my bff, special exceptions had to be made, and I crafted my little heart out making invitations, banners, favors, thank you notes, and designing custom olive cake pops for the baby shower I hosted at my house last Saturday. I hope I don't have to smell rubber cement again for a really long time.
The shower went off without a hitch and I think Crystal had a really good time. Now I can't wait to meet Olive Anne! Oh, did I mention the baby's name is Olive? Hence, the theme...


I apologize for the quality of some of those photos, but they're the best I could get with a camera phone and some crazy back lighting.
As you can see the weather cooperated and it was absolutely lovely outside... yay! And let me tell you, after the stressful week I had, sipping mimosas on my back patio with some fabulous ladies was exactly how I wanted to spend the afternoon.
Now the countdown is on for Baby Olive's arrival, 
and I can't wait to meet that little love bug!


  1. You guys are so so cute. Ps we thought about the name olive for James had he been a girl.. That was before I had ever heard the name before. Love it

  2. Wow this is the cutest shower ever! Love the little olive oil favors! Love that name!! Your house is looking great too, I keep thinking its like at your moms house or something bc I can't believe we're such adults now! So weird!

  3. Love all of it, including your dress:)!

  4. this amazing

  5. I feel like there's a chance we could know some of the same people. I keep waiting for someone to pop up in your pictures that I know, haha. Looks like a blast!! So glad the weather cooperated!

  6. That is so sweet! I love that the shower was themed from the baby's name!!

  7. What an adorable shower! You did a great job with the theme – loved all the olives! You are just so thoughtful. Mimosas and sunshine, what a great start to the weekend!

  8. Oh my gosh you really went ALL OUT! I LOVE it!!! I think I should have a baby Olive just so I can make one of my friends throw me a cute shower like this! Amazing job with everything!

  9. Cute! I am planning my sister's baby boy shower and in search of ideas! Where should I look? Pinterest is totally intimidating me!

    Dani // andbubblegum.com

  10. That is such a cute theme, and name of course! Your friend is a beautiful pregnant lady! haha


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