Friday, June 21, 2013

Smile, it's Friday!

Confession: I actually nerded out and downloaded an app to get coupons on my smartphone for Michaels. It's basically been my home away from home this week. And if you know me, you know that arts and crafts are not my thing. But now the cashier knows my name and all about the shower I'm planning for my bff this weekend. How embarrassing.
Anyway, not only have I been putting in super long hours at work this week, I've also been working like crazy every evening trying to prep for all the weekend shenanigans (in addition to the baby shower on Saturday, we're also hosting baby Charlie's first birthday party on Sunday). I may have over-committed. Oh, and just let me tell you how thrilled Stewart was when I forced him to hang curtains while the NBA Finals were on. Priorities.
I've still got a ton of errands to run and a bunch of prep work to do, but can I just say I'm so freaking thrilled that it's finally almost the weekend?!
Basically I'm so excited that you might see me around today doing this...
So I'm linking up with Whitney for
#backthatazzup Friday!
(explicit lyrics warning)
(Oh, that song brings me back to my "club girl" days...)
Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh my goodness, this song totally reminds of me trying to dance at frat parties during college. Oh the good ole days;) haha

  2. Ok so my dog's name is Charlie & it's almost his 1st birthday so at first I thought you were planning a bday party for my dog. Because that makes perfect sense..

  3. Hahaha that video clip is amazing. Enjoy your weekend friend

  4. Oh my flashback Friday! I haven't heard this song in a long time. Thanks for the great start to my Friday!

  5. Yep, this song reminds me of dancing on a pool table... and other things I should never ever actually mention or own up to. haha

  6. Fantastic video clip, really made me laugh. Have a brilliant weekend. :)

  7. Hey, nothing wrong with making friends at the Michael's! Love the video clip too!

    The Blonde Squad

  8. That gif is too funny! And Get Low reminds me of my clubbing days as well...ahhh, dancing.

  9. I hope the weekend went well for you? I just tried to relax a bit as I prepare for my visa interview next month! I am getting so excited by it all that I think I will constantly be doing the little move the girl is doing in the gif!

    Molly @ The Move to America

    1. It went very well... exhausting to say the least, but the parties were a success! I can't believe the visa interview is coming up so quick! Yay!

  10. congrats on finishing the cleanse! i totally have the michaels app too!


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