Saturday, June 8, 2013

May Challenge Recap

Whew! 33 posts in 31 days... I can't believe it! It was challenging, to say the least. I just needed a week or so to decompress before I took a second to look back on this experience...

I first heard about the challenge while visiting Taking Notes... Coast to Coast (great blog, by the way... pop on over!) and I was immediately intrigued. I definitely stress about trying to keep this space interesting for a variety of readers while still maintaining my own voice and documenting memories for me and Stewart. And coming up with new, fresh, interesting topics can definitely be daunting. I had recently been doing a ton of book and event reviews, so the challenge was a nice opportunity to address some topics that forced me to dig a little bit deeper.

Some of the posts were fun and easy. Others were kind of embarrassing. I shared some advice, told some secrets, admitted a few faults, complained a little, and ranted (just once!) I re-lived some amazing memories and flashed back to the past. I shared some of the things that have hurt me, as well as others that bring me tons of happiness. I demonstrated some mediocre photography, and some less-than-perfect writing. I introduced you to some of my friends, and I met a bunch of new ones along the way. It was a busy month!

I linked up with Jenni every single day and got double the amount of unique pageviews we usually receive. A couple times we got up to 20 comments on a single post. And we also got quite a few new regular followers and I'm so happy to have them here at Life As Always. I'm so glad you thought we were interesting enough to stick around.

The challenge definitely forced me to focus and plan ahead... a lot of the posts were written very late at night, and some of them had to be scheduled in advance (because who blogs from Vegas, really?) But I loved all of the topics, and I hope you found our responses to them entertaining. I really enjoyed writing them and I hope that my creativity has been sparked permanently... but you definitely won't find us here every single day this summer.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm glad it was a good experience for you and hey gaining new followers is always good too!!!

  2. Way to go! I don't know if I could have done it!

  3. I'm glad I found you. It was during May but not through Blog everyday. Yeah I kept that up for the first 5 days I think! haha. I am horrible with keeping up with anything!


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