Thursday, June 13, 2013

Advocare Cleanse: The First Few Days

Oh em gee, I'm freaking starving!

Just kidding... actually, my Advocare 10-Day Herbal Cleanse with Raven is going really well so far! I'm following more strict rules than some of the other girls, but I heard from a reliable source that I should use this particular plan for the best results (otherwise the program won't do much good).

On the first day I accidentally cheated by eating pineapple and grapes with my morning snack, and carrots with my lunch (none of which are on the approved foods list I'm using) but hey, it obviously could have been worse. I also cheated by doing cardio at the gym after work (you're not supposed to exercise on day one), but it was part of my knee physical therapy so I felt like it was okay.

Here's what I've been eating...
Day 1
(eat only fruits and vegetables for meals 2-5 on day 1 to boost the power of the cleanse)

Day 2
(main meals are lean proteins, low glycemic carbs & veggies, and snacks are fruits & healthy fats)

Day 3
(really not much different than Day 2)

And here's how I've been keeping track of things...  
Looks complicated, but it's really pretty simple.

What I've learned so far...
  • The fiber drink is pretty thick, but not too terribly bad if I drink it down quickly with cold water. A blender bottle also mixes it super well, which helps a lot.
  • A gallon is so, so much liquid to consume! I lost track of how many times I went pee that first day.
  • I way, way over-estimated how hungry I would be. I made a huge salad with green apple slices on the side for lunch on the first day, and I ended up not even touching the apple because I was so full.
  • I hate eating first thing in the morning. Having to force food down before I leave the house has been hands down the very worst part of the cleanse so far (normally I just drink a couple cups of coffee and then lunch is my first meal of the day).
  • Never, ever stray too far from a bathroom. Big mistake. Huge.
  • Bring hand lotion everywhere. Because I'm peeing eightybajillion times a day, that's also how many times I'm washing my hands... ew, I hate dry skin. 
  • Use caution when drinking lemon water out of a water bottle... some splashed into my eye and it did not feel awesome.

Day two was kind of rough, I'm not gonna lie. I felt nauseous, exhausted, and mentally fuzzy all day. I choked down food only because it's important not to skip meals while on the cleanse. But I slept really well that night and woke up on day three feeling a thousand times better... awake, alert, and energized. My stomach seems flatter and I'm down five pounds so far (although I'm sure a lot of that is water weight). So maybe it's working?!

More updates to come!


  1. It seems like were are following almost the exact same plan! Doesn't it feel good that we are already on day 4!?

  2. Wow, you're doing such a great job! I don't think I did enough research before starting this cleanse thingy. I have just been cutting alcohol, non-fruit sugar, fats, carbs, etc. I am not limiting my fruits and vegetables though. I hope that I see some results! There is just no way that I can be that strict with what I eat. I would go crazy!

    1. Thank you! I figure go big or go home, right? I can do anything for a week and a half. :-)

  3. I am about on the same plan as you! Keep up the good work! We can do this! :)

  4. You're doing so well! Congratulations. I'm the same way, I cannot eat in the morning, it really makes me feel sick to my stomach.

  5. I loved the update on this!
    The food looks really good actually!
    I don't drink near as much water as I should.. I can only imagine how often I would be in the bathroom!!

  6. I keep telling myself I should try a cleanse, and then... haha someday.


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