Thursday, June 20, 2013

Advocare Cleanse: I Did It!

Boo-yah! I finished my Advocare Cleanse and I didn't even cheat. Can I get a round of applause for being the girl who abstained from McDonald's, ranch dressing, and macaroni and cheese for an entire ten days? Because that's actually a huge accomplishment for me. Mmmm hmmm.

I'll be linking up with Raven next week to give you the final results including weight and inches lost, but in the meantime, let's take a moment to address why I decided to do this cleanse, shall we?

I wish I could tell you that my reasons were more admirable. Sure, I want to be healthy. And of course my long term well-being is important. And obviously a healthy diet and regular exercise are the primary ways to achieve those critical life goals. But can you blame me for having other motivations?
I want to fit into my skinny jeans. I want to be thinner than the girls I went to high school with, and my ex boyfriend's new girlfriend. I want to feel great in my clothes, without worrying about my muffin top. And I don't want my friggin' thighs to touch anymore! But mainly I just want to look awesome naked in a bikini. Just being honest.
Basically, I want to get back to THIS.
And I'm not sorry! I'm willing to make some sacrifices in order to become the best thinnest version of myself. Feeling good in my clothes (and out of them) is important to me, and I make no apologies for this.
Anyway, the Advocare Cleanse came along at just the right time, when I was feeling frustrated about not being able to exercise like I normally would, and right before boating season sets in with a vengeance (it's the Pacific Northwest; we're a little behind the weather out here). So it was the perfect opportunity to give myself a little kick in the ass, and I definitely saw positive results!
Stay tuned for the final weigh-in...


  1. LOL you sound like me. Those are my reasons for maintaining my skinny figure. You go girl!!!!!

  2. Yay! We did it! I had one "bad" dinner... not fast food (thank goodness I don't even crave that stuff anymore) but my bad dinner was just not anything on the cleanse menu! haha
    I just posted about my results too. I agree, I used this as my kick in the ass to get moving towards a skinnier self! :)

  3. Congrats to you! That takes a lot of motivation and you totally look great! I was hoping someone would offer to do the cleanse for me! lol :)
    After having 80% of my stomach removed due to infection, my body doesn't absorb vitamins and there are other issues with it so I was told to steer clear of stuff like this :( Boo

  4. Congrats Sarah! You were definitely my motivation to keep going and stay strong. "Mmm, those sweets look so good! Wait, don't give in; be strong like Sarah!" Thanks for encouraging me to stay strong! Best of luck on your continued journey to health and wellness!

  5. Hahaha! I'm married but I totally feel you on the "...want to be skinnier than the girls I went to high school and my ex's new girlfriend!" Hilarious. Love it. Great job, girl.

  6. im with you on this girl! i want to get back thin too. Life is short and I want to enjoy looking nice in clothes and keep up with my kids. I have to be healthy doing that. Following your blog so i can follow your post! keep up the great worka and proud of you!

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    1. p.s. GFC is retiring next month make sure you have a bloglovin so we can follow you!

  7. Great job...and I love your honesty! Those are ALL perfectly valid reasons. :)

  8. Congrats on finishing your cleanse! I wanted to do a three day cleanse before Vegas, but I forgot... :/

  9. Can't wait to see your final results! Maybe it will finally motivate me enough to do it! haha


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