Friday, June 7, 2013

Bad Kitty

Years ago I wrote about my attention whore of a cat, and I just thought I would report that Jasmine is still up to her same old antics... bad kitty.

We actually did manage to get her a little bit under control at the condo, to the point where she knew that getting locked out of our bedroom each night was the norm and she wouldn't cry or scratch at the door. I find I sleep much better when I don't have a living fur ball draped around my neck all night.

But then came The Big Move. Following 20 terrified hours underneath the dryer, Jasmine finally came out to explore the new house, and I'm pretty sure she thinks she died and went to Kitty Paradise. 2,500 square feet is a big change for a small animal that has never gone outside before, and soon enough kitty was careening from one end of the house to another, as fast as her little paws could carry her.

Generally, I think that exceptions should be made in times of change and upheaval (remember the first time we all moved in together?) so for those first few nights in our new house we decided to let Jazzy sleep with us in our bedroom. This was a mistake.

Between our busy schedules and adjusting to the move, we were never able to establish any sort of pattern, and at this point our totally spoiled cat has completely taken over our home and bed. We try to lock her out, but she scratches at the door (new door... new paint... eeeek) and howls like she's in heat. For hours. Not kidding. But if we let her in the bedroom, she purrs and cuddles with us for a few minutes (cute), but then proceeds to jump over and under the bed like a one-kitty circus act. Sometimes she even crawls through the bed frame and up into the box spring, where she crawls and scratches around. Silly nocturnal creature.

I can't even remember the last time I got a good night's sleep. All night long, every night, it's the same: Lock her out, let her in, shove her off, throw her down, grab her throat, toss and turn, scream obscenities. Bad kitty!!

In addition, I've been having really terrible back pain ever since my knee injury. So not only is Jasmine keeping us awake all night, but I often wake up with excruciating back pain and can't get back to sleep for an hour or more (I did buy a gel foam mattress topper this week, which I hope will help with that). So needless to say, Stew and I are currently functioning in an extremely sleep deprived state, and I don't know how much longer we can take it.

I do love my kitty to the moon and back, but I hear it only takes like 72 hours without sleep for someone to go completely bat poop crazy, so if this goes on for much longer I'm not sure I can be held accountable for my actions. Jasmine, you just need to stop it, right meow!!


  1. Love this post! I can relate my indoor cats are crazy and they run around the house at night chasing each other and it sounds like a horse race upstairs! How much we love them so much? BTW love the "right meow" made my morning.

  2. Haha! Hey she IS pretty cute though :)

  3. Twenty hours under the bathroom? Wow. I am surprised that she didn't have to eat or go to the bathroom!

  4. I love this....but wait until the babies come! =) Just consider this "practice".

  5. Oh my goodness! This totally made my morning. Jack used to get up in our box spring too - he would make such a mess! Thanks for sharing!

  6. oh dear. Is there another place you could lock her up at night to contain her a little bit? like the bathroom if that's where she felt safe before?

    My parents cat likes to cuddle AGGRESSIVELY. She'll insist on being on your lap/in your face/sleeping with you and then she'll lick you obsessively and throw in some love bites just to keep things fresh and interesting.

  7. try to get her really tired during the day and play with her before bed. if you insist on locking her out of the bedroom put a cloth with a lot of vinegar at the door. I guess she'll still meow somewhere else, but the door will be fine.
    some ear plugs will help.
    she'll get lazy in time.
    my cat gets used to our schedule, even if it's not the same all the time. but we try to get her tired while we're awake.

    1. and try to make her enough beds for her outside the bedroom. maybe somewhere high where she can jump. cats are suckers for cozy beds, maybe that's why she loves your bed and pillow so much.

    2. That's all very good advice, thanks! She does have a "kitty condo" with multiple levels but I'm going to get her some more comfy beds to place around the house. Fingers crossed!

  8. Tessie wakes me n Abe up in the morning!!! Scratching at the door and meowing! Ug! It took years of tossing them off of our bed at night for them to finally start not getting on our bed! This reminds me, I got my wisdom teeth out today n was really high afterwards n Dustin said I said "I'm a vampire" and was meowing!!! Lol


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