Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Love

I have so many gorgeous babes in my life and I don't see a single one of them often enough.

Cue girls trip.

My good friend Cailin and I road tripped down to Portland last weekend to visit my sister and her family. Cailin's daughter Charlie and my nieces, Sophia and Aubrey, had so much fun getting to know one another! And the big girls had a wonderful weekend of chick chat as well.

Look at those gorgeous little faces! And I got to play with them for two days straight!

Sophia and Charlie getting to know each other.

Little miss sticking out her tongue.

Morning photo shoot... it's hard to get a two-and-a-half-year-old and two one-year-olds to cooperate.

Aubrey's downward facing dog.

The little girls playing together... so cute!

A first for Charlie... she climbed up on the couch all by herself... Little monkey!

Loves for everyone. They seriously hugged like this all weekend, it was so precious!

This was Charlie's longest car trip thus far, and she did really, really well! Which was awesome, because it gave Cailin and I some much-needed time to catch up during the ride.

I absolutely love hanging out at my sister's house... it's always so low key and fun, and a great way to decompress after a busy week. Everyone had such a good time that we're going to get quarterly visits on the calendar!

Of course I came home with a major case of baby fever, which I'm not sure Stew necessarily appreciated... oops!

How was your weekend?


  1. Look at those cheeks!! such cute babies! What a fun weekend!

  2. I know everyone is dying to see a blog on "BIG NEWS!!" ;) I guess I'll have to patiently wait...

  3. I'm sure Stew appreciates the baby-making part of baby fever. :)

  4. oh my gosh how adorable!! what a wonderful weekend you had indeed. that downward facing dog position is darling and those rolls on her, what a cutie!

  5. There is NOTHING I love more than smooshy, roly-poly baby thighs. xo

  6. Haha I always have a bit of baby fever after I spend time with my nephews! Those are some adorable little girls - so cute!

  7. Oh my goodness-- so much cuteness in this blog!! Love the pics, glad you had a great weekend!

    1. I know! Those little love bugs were so much fun, and so well behaved, too! :-)

  8. So so so cute!! Yay for baby fever!! Lol

  9. I cannot get over how precious those lil baby thighs are-- but WHY OH WHY when mine are that roly poly are they not considered cute? haha


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