Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Weekend Postpartum Shopping Haul

Well hello there, and welcome to the first day of April!
I apologize to anyone who was sucked in by my April Fools Day birth announcement on Facebook... but come on guys, did you really think I'd actually name my son Marshawn? You'll find out soon enough...

It's official, we can start saying that Baby Boy will be here NEXT MONTH!
I've been obsessing quite consistently about Baby Boy's upcoming birth lately. And I realized that I've been so focused on getting everything ready for him that I forgot I'll need some things for myself as well. Luckily my very dear mommy friends have been extremely helpful in sharing their postpartum knowledge with me, so I've been developing quite an extensive list of things that I'll need after he's born. And this past weekend Cailin was kind enough to spend the day with me shopping for some of the necessities. 

As you can see, we mainly focused on clothing. At Destination Maternity I picked up a seamless clip down nursing bra, two V-neck pull down nursing tanks, and three sleeveless clip down double opening nursing camisoles. Then at Macy's I picked up a super cute, soft, comfy robe (because I don't plan on wearing that nasty, stiff gown they give you in the hospital), as well as two more nursing bras and two nursing night gowns that should be prefect for summer.

With all that stuff, my ta-tas should be readily available so I can be Baby Boy's personal milk factory.

So now I'm feeling pretty good about hospital and lounge wear for those first few weeks, but there are definitely some other items I still need to check off my list. Most of them I won't share with you here because my poor husband reads this and he doesn't need to hear about granny panties, sanitary and breast pads, nipple cream, laxatives, and Preparation H (sorry babe)

But what I wasn't able to find over the weekend was slippers. I need some nice, soft, comfy ones that I'll be able to fit my hobbit feet into, but apparently Macy's doesn't carry them and we were running short on time. I hear Costco and Sears are good places to look though...

Other than that I spent my weekend seeing friends, relaxing and nesting. Stew was in Vegas for Matt's bachelor party, and it sounds like they had a blast. They only took about 2.5 photos so I don't have much to show you... Typical boys. Unless they just deleted the evidence prior to getting home (more likely).

He did send me one photo early on of the Lamborghini he drove, though. Pretty cool.

Anyway, please let me know if you have any postpartum favorites that you think I should check out!

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  1. if you plan to pump, a double pump is good to have and a double pump bra too!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. all good things to have!! glad you are ready to be his personal milk factory, LOL, it's really how it feels!! I'm so excited for you! That car is awesome!

  3. I Loved the belly bandit. It really helps shrink your tummy down, plus is comfortable because it keeps your innards tight, when they feel loose and weird.

    1. Eeek, the words "innards" and "loose and weird" kind of freak me out! LOL. Checking out the belly bandit immediately, thanks for the tip!

  4. Time will fly by :) Baby boy will be here so very soon!

  5. It's getting close! The month your baby is born is the month I'm getting married. How cool!

  6. You are so right! Even though i didn't go through labor and delivery with Ellie, all my focus was on her and totally didn't think about the things we would need when we brought her home!!!

  7. Ha I wouldn't judge you one bit if you named him marshawn. In fact I'm pretty sure I'd love you even more!

  8. Marshawn -- haha. That's creative :). So cool he got to drive a Lamborghini! I'm so jealous. Sounded like a great haul for post partum/nursing-friendly clothes. Getting a comfy bathrobe also a "win" because I didn't have one and had to discreetly use my scarf to cover my behind while making my way to a nursing seminar in the hospital. Anywho, other post partum must-haves (besides the "medical" stuff you got covered, good job!) is phone charger and maybe a pen/pencil & paper to write down thoughts on birth story, first days at the hospital, etc.. I also would have liked a night light because every single light was too bright to leave on at night but without any lights, it's crazy dark in that room!

  9. lotion, antibacterial gel for when family comes, chapstick (I was crazy dehydrated!!), and padsicles (OMG, you will die for these, Google it or I can send you a private message). all those things, and family to keep you sane :)

  10. Where is the polka dot tank from? It's super cute, as is the striped one!! Check out nursing bras for target too, they are my fav!!

  11. Cute tops! Great idea to get a nice robe -- you'll be in a lot of photos and will want something to cover up the ugly hospital gown. I brought a couple pairs of loose-ish black yoga pants with me to the hospital to wear home -- the dark color sort of conceals the fact that you'll be wearing mesh undies and a giant padsicle (yep, the crap we have to go through as women is ridiculous). The other thing I was happy to have was my own pillow from home. The pillows at our hospital were scratchy and uncomfortable.

  12. I loveeeeee my nursing tanks. SOSOSOSO much! I, to bought a nighgown for the hospital because I didn't plan on wearing the hospital gown, but I was glad I accepted the hospital gown in the midst of my contractions because I would have been sad had my pretty nightgown gotten covered in blood like my hospital one did. Let the hospital one do the birthing, then change into your cute one ;) Where did you find v neck nursing tops? I searched everywhere but couldn't find any that didn't also have the ruched (sp?) sides like a maternity shirt. So excited for you!

  13. Cute tops! Time's going by so fast!

  14. Non-weave pads, definitely non-weave :) And lidocaine foam for the pretties if you can find it. Otherwise, ask your OB or birthing center for a can or rx.

  15. Looks like you really scored on your shopping trip! Isn't it nice that you don't have to exchange comfort for cute for all this stuff... excluding the granny underpants, of course - not cute... but the nightgowns and tank tops look really cute!


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