Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Best Candy Holiday

Even though my family lives only about an hour and a half away, I just wasn't up for the trip this year. Instead, we invited both of the families over for Easter and ended up having a really nice weekend.
I succeeded as a hostess but failed as a blogger... it was just one of those weekends where I really didn't feel like staging or taking any photos, so you'll have to imagine our lovely Easter celebration.
Stew and I do not celebrate Easter in the religious sense, but it's actually one of Stewart's favorite holidays for one main reason:
The Candy.
Apparently Easter is hands down the Best Candy Holiday.
Here are some of his absolute favorites:
Cadbury Mini Eggs
I do have to agree with him on this one. These things are absolutely addictive... something about the crunchy outside combined with the yummy chocolate center. I may or may not have bought a bag for Easter a couple weeks ago and eaten the whole thing in only a couple of days. Apparently Baby Boy was a fan, too.
Original Peeps
I don't know about you guys, but I've never been a fan of Peeps. Frankly I'm not a huge marshmallow fan in general, and the texture/taste of peeps really doesn't appeal to me at all. Stew loves them though. I think he's also one of those weird people who prefers them stale. Blech.
Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs
Again, not my favorite. I don't like Whoppers because of the strange, dissolving, mildly foaming quality of the center part... it reminds me of eating chemicals. The taste isn't particularly yummy either. I mean, I'll eat them during a dire sugar craving, don't get me wrong, but they're definitely not at the top of my list.
Brach's Marshmallow Chicks and Rabbits
No, just no. These things are absolutely disgusting. I don't know why they are different colors, because they are all one disgusting flavor: banana. They are like stale, hard, banana flavored hunks of marshmallow. I can't believe they even sell these things. And Stew absolutely LOVES them.
As for me, I'm more of a traditional girl. Give me classic jelly beans (I love the black licorice ones!) and Cadbury Cream Eggs and I'm a happy girl.
But one thing we can both agree on is those solid milk chocolate bunnies... is there anyone out there who likes those?! That much pure chocolate is too overwhelming, and why does it always seem to taste mildly of wax or plastic? No thank you.
I must say I do feel mildly ill today after all the yummy foods and uncountable handfuls of candy I consumed yesterday. But we had a wonderful day with our families and it was so much fun to host our first holiday in our new house.
Wishing you a happy holiday from our family to yours!
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  1. Nick and I were JUST having this conversation - Easter totally is the best candy holiday!

  2. I don't like marshmallows either!!! I think they are gross!! I actually only like them in s'mores!

  3. Baha- I won't lie, I love the Brach's marshmallow chicks and bunnies!! ;)

  4. It's certainly ok to be a good IRL person and a bad blogger :). You got some photos of the candy, so that's awesome :). I'm not a big celebrator of Easter. It was always just go to church growing up. No candy or anything. And I didn't mind it. I did take my son to his first egg hunt this weekend. That was fun. But no way am I going all crazy-parent and buying presents for Easter. WTH?

  5. I LOVE cadberry cream eggs but don't really like the rest either. Oh and jelly beans are okay too, I'm totally with you on the candy opinions... I'm glad you guys had a good Easter! Love ya!

  6. Oh man, this post is making me wish we had made it to an Easter party! It wasn't until now that I feel like I missed out on something - all the candy!! Glad to hear you had a good Easter!

  7. Stew and his obession with Peeps and all other forms of candy actually came up in conversation at our Easter dinner yesterday (we were at Joe's cousin Jamie's house -- I guess Stewart used to eat a lot of Peeps around Jamie). I don't blame him favorite food on earth is Cadbury mini eggs, followed closely by Brach's mellowcreme pumpkins. :) (Although I too feel slightly ill after eating so much junk yesterday!)

  8. Chocolate dipped Peeps will change your life!!!!!!!!

  9. Those damn Cadbury eggs get me every year !! I swear they lace them in crack or something!!

  10. This holiday never helps my diet! Josh and I stayed away from the candy that was sent on Friday up until Easter and then couldn't hold out anymore!

  11. peeps are my fave. my fave kind now a days is either the bunny. or the peeps chicks that are party cake flavor. so good

  12. noooo to peeeps. i only like marshmallows in smores. they are good for soothing a sore throat, but i cannot just eat peeps. nope.

  13. This post is everything haha

  14. Ugh. Peeps are HORRIBLE. The best thing about them is putting them in the microwave and watching them inflate! I LOVE Cadbury Cream Eggs! :)

  15. Peeps are terrible! I had an ex boyfriend that would buy them after Easter on sale and eat them all! They were stale I swear too! Yuck! I love Starburst Jelly Beans :-)


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