Friday, April 11, 2014

Dear Baby Boy... 36 Weeks

Dear Baby Boy,

Just four weeks left, my little man!

Can you believe how fast the time is flying by now? It seems like just yesterday you were the size a lentil, and now you're basically a fully formed human being!

Things have remained crazy busy for us, but we can see the end in sight! All of the furniture for your nursery has arrived and been put together, and we finished our last child birth class earlier this week. I now feel confident that I could perform CPR on your tiny body, or save you from choking if necessary. Hopefully we won't be faced with any of those scenarios, but don't worry; you're in good hands if it happens!

Daddy and I are both in nesting mode, working on getting lots of house projects done before you get here. That way when we bring you home we'll only have YOU to worry about! Daddy has been working hard on getting the yard in order, and I imagine we'll spend lots of time out there with him this summer. It's going to be so strange for me to have the entire summer off work... But I'm sure we'll find many ways to occupy ourselves! I have big plans to take you for miles and miles of walks, because Momma's got to take care of this baby weight!

This week you are the size of a head of romaine lettuce (about six pounds and 20 inches long). Your skin is getting smooth and soft, your gums are rigid, your liver and kidneys are in working order, and your circulation and immune system are basically good to go. You would be able to breathe on your own if you were born right now. You're shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered your body, as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that's covered and protected your skin during your nine-month amniotic bath. Unfortunately I've learned that you swallow both of these substances, along with other secretions that result in a blackish mixture called meconium that will form the contents of your first bowel movement... yuck!

Now that you're taking up so much room, I'm having quite a bit of difficulty with simple things like walking, eating, sleeping, and even just sitting for long periods of time. It will be amazing when you start to drop down into my pelvis and the heartburn lightens up a bit. This usually happens a few weeks before labor and I'm definitely looking forward to it!

I haven't had (or at least noticed) any Braxton Hicks contractions, but my doctor said that not everyone gets them. I'm slightly concerned that I'm going to go into labor and not even realize it, thinking I have indigestion or something. Hopefully my water will break as a tell tale sign... I really don't want to end up having you on a Metro bus.

By the end of this week you will be considered "early term" which means if you decide you're ready the doctor will let labor progress naturally. You've been head down for quite a few weeks now, and the doctor suspects that you are a pretty decent sized child, so I'm curious if you will decide to have an early birth day. Just make sure you're fully cooked before you join us, okay?

See you soon, my darling!

Love Always,



  1. I've seen that first bowel movement and it is really gross! Have fun with that one. Hang in there; you're in the home stretch now! It won't be long and all your discomfort will be a distant memory. I'm getting really excited to meet this little guy!

  2. My daughter had her first bowel movement also and they took her immediately before I even got to see her to clear out her lungs. Maybe it's better I didn't get to see her before she was cleaned up? Not long now for you babes! Exciting!

  3. I honestly can't believe how much you've grown since I've "known" you... I've loved being on this journey with you, girl! :D

  4. Yay! So close! You look gorgeous ;)

  5. This definitely put a smile on my face and I am so looking forward to seeing pictures of your little man. I know you and hubby can't wait and it's great you all have the summer to spend together with him. Remember to take lots of pictures of your little man and enjoy every minute of it. I hope some where you're keeping a baby book of before things and then later when he gets here so that you can remember things. But, if you save your entries here you'll have them to look to as well. You're about to embark on an incredible journey. One journey I can't wait to embark on myself. But, its not my time yet due to my situation and how things are now a days. But, hopefully God's plan is for me to have one before I turn 40. Yea that's 10 years from now. Well less than 10 since I have 8 mths til my 31st bday. But, girl I know you're gonna make an incredible mommy and with the baby having both jeans ;) of you and your hubby...that's gonna be one gorgeous little boy. :D And I think these letters you write him are so cute. Totally make me tear up when I read them b/c I can see me doing the same thing later on down the road. :D

  6. Omg I can't wait!!! Super excited for you to have the summer off - I do too so we should set up a "play date" for our kiddos and have some mommy time!!!

    Hoping you will post pictures of the nursery pretty soon here!

  7. Yay!Yay!Yay! I'm very excited for you to have the summer off with Baby! :)

  8. Not much longer now. I remember those last few weeks, so exciting and nerve wrecking all in one.

  9. It's a great time to be outside with an infant, not too hot or cold. Hope your water doesn't break on the Metro either :O!


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