Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bonaire Birthday Bash

I think only in very rare occasions do your co-workers become some of your best friends. I was lucky enough to bond with some amazingly talented, hilarious, gorgeous ladies about six or seven years ago at the worst job ever, and we have been close ever since. At one point we formed a fun and slightly ridiculous mini golf team and christened ourselves "Totes Bonaire," an inside joke far too complicated to warrant an explanation here. But the moral of the story is that we've referred to each other as "Bonaires" ever since. Except for Gretchen, who we refer to as Wieners, irregardless.

Heather, Lindsee and I do Breakfast Club every month, but the other Bonaires have all sadly moved to other parts of the country, so we don't get to see them as often. So this month for Lindsee's birthday we decided to plan a fun Friday night get-together. Unfortunately the other girls boned out, but the three of us decided to get together anyway, obvi, because sometimes in life you just really need a cocktail with the girls. And the fact that Lindsee was born is a pretty important reason to celebrate.

Lindsee chose Shelter Lounge in Ballard which is one of my favorites for both food and atmosphere. I didn't take any pictures the last time I was there with my friend Cari, so I just want to share some of our yummy snacks...

PB&J Jalapeno Poppers
Panko breaded jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese
and peanut butter, served with a sweet, spicy jelly.
These things are so strangely delicious I really wanted the girls to try them.

Yummy cocktails... cheers to Lindsee!

Avocado Fries
Slices of avocado breaded and deep fried, served with chipotle sauce.
I honestly cannot get enough of these, they're so delicious!

Shelter Signature Sandwich
Slow roasted pork shoulder, caramelized onions, provolone, serrano
peppers and cilantro, grilled on a baguette.
All three of us ordered this sandwich... it's basically the reason you go to
Shelter Lounge. Heather thinks it rivals the best sandwich ever,
but I'm not so sure about that... although it is ridiculously yummy.

Shelter was pretty dead when we arrived at 7:00, but a few hours and a few cocktails later it was totally packed, the lights had dimmed, and the club music had been turned up. Apparently this place starts poppin' later at night! We discussed perhaps taking some shots and dropping it like it's hot just to prove we're still valid, but sadly husbands, babies, and early morning plans were calling us home, so we decided to call it a night.

It was such a fun evening though (maybe we should start having alcohol at Breakfast Club), and I always love it when we make time to get together. Next time the other Bonaires better make an appearance!

Happy (belated) Birthday, Lindsee!

Everyone have a lovely weekend out there!


  1. love the golf thing, the outfits are too cute, i remember seeing the pics before and was jealous b/c i've never golfed before!

    omg those pb&j jalepino things look amazing!!

  2. I love your outfits for mini golf! So cute.

    The Bonaires is fantastic name (regardless of inside joke that it stems from :)

  3. Drinks On The Links?! And avocado fries - yummm!!!

  4. you girls are so cute! that's awesome how close you became! And those avocado fries!! Yum, i'm dying to try them but I dont' think anyplace by me serves them... !!!

    {love jenny xoxo}


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