Thursday, March 14, 2013

And that's a wrap.

We signed the closing paperwork on our lovely condo in Ballard last night, and it was bittersweet. I have so many wonderful memories of living here with Stewart, and it was the first home that we bought together.

I made him take me back into the unit before our appointment so I could take a last look, and it ended up being a great choice because we got to say goodbye to some of our favorite neighbors.

There are definitely things I'll miss, but mostly I'm excited for us to be moving on toward this new phase of our lives.

Farewell, old friend, you've served us well!



  1. Goodbye to your old friend! I'm sure the new owners will love it just as much as you did!

  2. aww makes me sad but also excited for you guys! I know you'll be loving the new house and you can always go back to ballard for dates ;)

  3. Adios Ballard! My husband's brother and family live in Ballard...we love to visit them (and visit all the restaurants and bars), but I can see why you would be happy to get some more space!

  4. What a bittersweet moment that must have been! Best of luck for your new adventure in your new home! :)

  5. Awww sounds like a new adventure awaits...enjoy!

  6. OMG, this is the saddest thing ever. I may have just teared up.


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