Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh, Canada...

After tearing up seeing Joshua Jackson's perfectly executed triple deke for Mighty Ducks back in 1992, my love of ice hockey (and Joshua) was solidified. And actually, my dad used to take me and my sister to Tacoma Rockets games all the time when we were kids, so that probably helped as well. In any case, Stew and I both love hockey, so we were really excited when Cailin and Clint invited us to go to Vancouver for the weekend to go to a Canucks game. It's about time we got to bust out our new Kesler jerseys.

We left early Saturday afternoon for our quick trip up North, just in time to check into our hotel and grab some dinner and drinks before the game.

This was Cailin & Clint's first full night away from Baby Charlie so it was quite a big milestone for their family. We all had a great time though and were back in Seattle on Sunday by early afternoon with plenty of time for Stew and I to get some chores and packing done.

We definitely had to order some Kokanee while we were in Canada...
It really brought memories of my college years... Going to WWU just 20 minutes from the border,
Canada (with it's 19-year-old drinking age) often beckoned to us.

Pretty light show to start off the game... Go Canucks!

Our seats were up pretty high but the arena is so small we still had an awesome view of the game.

I loved spending the weekend on a mini-getaway with my forever-friend, Cailin.
This picture cracks me up because of Clint's evil eye in the background.

The Canucks beat the Kings, 5-2. Woot woot! There were only a couple good fights unfortunately...
My favorite part of hockey is the aggression and fighting!

On our way home on Sunday Cailin and I really wanted to stop and have lunch at one of our college favorites, El Gitano, in Bellingham. Our meal was just as delicious as I remember and being back in Bellingham really made me want to plan a weekend up there one of these days... maybe this spring.

It was only moderately annoying to be on crutches for this trip, and my knee is actually feeling much better, although it's nowhere near back to normal. I start physical therapy on Tuesday and hopefully that will help speed up the recovery process. We've got a big week coming up with the house closing and prepping for the big move on Saturday... wish us luck!


  1. I love a good hockey game...looks like a total fun night!!

  2. I've never actually been a a hockey game, but a woman I work with travels up north for the games too!

  3. My husband loves hockey, I really should have looked into silvertips tickets sooner, the season is over next week! Oh well, next year!

  4. looks so fun, I've been wanting to go to a hockey game! They don't even have hockey down here so I guess I missed my chance. Glad your knee is doing better, and I hope the move went well this weekend!!


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