Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stew's Birthday Pub Crawl

Stewart's favorite activity is day drinking, so we decided to celebrate his 31st birthday with another epic Ballard Pub Crawl! In honor of Stewart and his ever-present backwards hat, guests were encouraged to wear their own favorite hats... backward, of course.

We started out with breakfast and beverages at The Hi-Life, and since the weather actually turned out to be halfway decent we were able to sit outside in a cool sidewalk patio area. After everyone had gotten their fill of yummy food and delicious drinks we headed out to some of our favorite Ballard bars. First stop: King's Hardware, one of our favorites because it has a cool patio area out back, but mostly because of the skee ball inside. Brett arranged a super fun tournament in which I almost made it to the final four.


From King's we walked down the street a block or two to the Ballard Loft, which had an upstairs area that was perfect for our large group and also had shuffle board. So many people were able to come out and celebrate with us, and although Stew wasn't able to stay out as late as he planned (thanks for your generosity with the shots, guys), and even though we only "crawled" to three different locations, overall it was a super successful day of fun and friends.

A very happy birthday to my wonderful husband!!


  1. Looks fun, sorry i missed it! And BOO to the people not wearing a hat! They should have had to take shots of tequila as their penance.

  2. Rach it wasn't the same without you! And yes, boo to those who didn't follow the instructions for this mini theme party!

  3. I love that you all had backwards hats! So much fun! And King's Hardware is one of my favorite spots, too, when I make it out to Ballard.


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