Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter from the Always

Easter has never been at the top of my list of holidays, but it is my mom's absolute favorite so Stewart and I headed down to Olympia to celebrate with my family. It was our first official holiday as a married couple!

I've come to the conclusion that Easter is a holiday for children. Dying eggs, Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts are not really adult activities. Don't tell that to my mother though... no matter what, we always have to dye eggs for Easter - it's an unbreakable family tradition. In addition, she usually makes this bunny cake... really too cute to even cut into!

Of course Stewart enjoys Easter for the simple plethora of candy involved, and I always love a good family dinner, so we had a great weekend at home. We also took the opportunity to get together with my grandparents and open the rest of our wedding gifts which was bittersweet because it meant the wedding was really all over.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and unseasonably warm, so we spent the afternoon with my parents and the dog checking out a new local park and walking around Capitol Lake. It was a really relaxing, wonderful day... we hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter as well!


  1. I need that bunny cake immediately. Does it happen to be made with marshmallows and coconut?

  2. Je I think it's just white cake but definitely coconut frosting and I'm sure you could add marshmallow in there somewhere. :-)

  3. I really miss dying eggs as a kid, so I'm excited to do it with Chloe next year! We didn't really get around to it this year.

  4. Yeah Rach you are in the perfect Easter situation... a child to celebrate it with!


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