Saturday, April 7, 2012

Heather's Nautical Bridal Shower

Our wedding was the best day of my life, but planning it consumed practically every second for many, many months. So I was a little relieved to get home from the honeymoon and just get back to regular life. Because lots of my friends have exciting reasons to celebrate, too!

I attended my friend Heather's bridal shower on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in April at Frency's, a day spa and beauty boutique in Madison Park. I can't believe I've never been here before! The place is completely adorable and it's just perfect for a bridal shower or birthday party or really any sort of gathering with the gals. The shower had a nautical theme and all the decorations, food and beverages were so carefully thought out and adorable. Also, each guest brought along pictures and stories about Heather and Michael which they then put into a scrapbook style book that Heather will be able to read on the plane on the way to Mexico - genius!

Nautical cake pops to go with grapefruit and orange mimosas

Everyone in their nautical-themed outfits... Heather LOVES stripes!

Awesome favors which included a perfect shade of red polish

These chairs were amazingly relaxing

Schedule of services, how fancy!

Frency's is so adorable, I must go here again!

Heather insisted on no gifts and instead asked that each person treat themselves to mani/pedis. I got a dreamy pedicure and overall just had a fantastic afternoon celebrating Heather!


  1. love the nautical stuff! is their wedding going to be nautical too?

  2. I'm not sure but their wedding is on the beach in Mexico and the invite was cutout letters and a floral patter in teal... super cute!

  3. Glad to know about your bridal shower event. Last week, I arranged my cousin’s bridal shower party at one of elegant Los Angeles wedding venues. It was an amazing event and everyone who came for party enjoyed a lot. Especially food was really yummy!


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