Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Matthew

Our friend Matt turned 31 last week, so we headed to Brave Horse Tavern in South Lake Union after work on Friday to celebrate. It was a good thing that Matt, Alissa and I got there a little early because the place was completely packed when we arrived. We had to lurk creepily next to a table for a while until a group left before we could even sit down.

Brave Horse has a super fun atmosphere with long wooden tables and lots of shuffleboard in the center of the room. They also have a pretty sweet patio for nicer weather. The menu has yummy specialty brick oven pretzels which I was somehow able to resist, but I did have a delicious spring vegetable salad and probably more than my fair share of hefeweizen. Stew and Alissa both got huge delicious sandwiches and I did indulge in some of their sweet potato fries. 

I had no idea that such a fun place existed in this funky new neighborhood, but I definitely plan to go back. Happy Birthay, Matt!


  1. I had never been there before but it's so cool! Definitely one of my new faves, let's make a date and go!


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