Monday, April 16, 2012

Crystal's Big 3-0!

Crystal is not one for big birthday celebrations, so for her 30th this year she planned a small brunch with friends at Palomino in Bellevue. I had specifically requested that we go someplace with bloody marys, and boy did this place deliver! The restaurant has a huge Bloody Mary Bar which includes a choice of vodka, choice of mix, and two different types of salt for the rim. Then the bar itself has tons of assorted sauces, house prepared garnishes and pickled vegetables... I was in heaven, and Stewart enjoyed the corresponding Mimosa Bar.

Stewart ordered Classic Eggs Benedict and I got Steak and Eggs. Although the food was delicious the portions were quite small. So really it's a good thing that Stew found a large egg shell in his meal right at the end, because they brought him a second dish (Eggs Benedict Palomino), otherwise we would have had to stop and get fast food on the way home to fill him up. My meal was okay but I had a bite of Stew's second dish and it was probably the best eggs benedict I've ever had with brioche, prosciutto, mushroom-artichoke relish, poached eggs, truffle hollandaise, arugula, pesto, and parmesan... YUM.

Brunch was a blast and afterward Crystal, Stewart, Laura and I just didn't see any reason to waste the rest of the gorgeous day. We headed back to Crystal's house and spent the rest of the afternoon in her backyard drinking champagne, which eventually resulting in ordering pizza and a sleepover. Stewart was very tired the next day for work but celebrating Crystal's 30th was a top priority. I hope she had a good day, because we certainly did!

Happy Birthday, Crys!

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  1. Best birthday ever and I'm so blessed to have spent it with all my favorite people. Love you all!


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