Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Celtic Woman... Believe

A couple years ago Stew and I both got completely sucked into a Celtic Woman special on PBS... super nerdy, know. But seriously, these ladies are absolutely AMAZING!

Celtic Woman is an all-female musical ensemble featuring four Irish vocalists and a fiddler. They perform everything from traditional Celtic tunes to modern songs. We have absolutely fallen in love with their music, especially after seeing their show Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart last year. I had been waiting patiently for another American tour to be announced, and as soon as tickets went on sale for Celtic Woman: Believe, I snatched some up.

After waiting for months, Stew and I went to the show Monday night with my mom and sister. Ahhh... magical. I had chills up and down my entire body during the whole show. At some points I couldn't believe I was listening to live music, it just sounded too perfect. Máiréad Nesbitt's violin skills are out of this world. She's like this tiny little blonde pixie just flying back and forth across the stage. You can't even see her fingers they are moving so fast. Truly amazing.

Before the show, getting very excited!


The other four women have the sweetest, most pure voices I have ever heard. I really could have stayed there all night and the two-hour show flew by way too fast. I will be waiting patiently for Celtic Woman to come back to Seattle!

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