Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Simple Moments Stick -- $200 Giveaway!

Today I have the pleasure of joining up with my friend Susannah from Simple Moments Stick. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her through blogging and she's just such a doll. So when she told me she was getting ready to celebrate her blog's second birthday party, I was happy to get in on the celebration. Cupcakes all around!

But get this, instead of getting Simple Moments Stick a gift, Susannah is offering a $200 Paypal Gash Giveaway! That's right... cash money to buy whatever you want...

Or if you'd like, go ahead and save those dolla dolla bills and use them to have $200 worth of sushi delivered to me in the hospital after Baby Boy is born...
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Today, Simple Moments Stick is two! Birthday parties are the best way to celebrate but, since we can't all get together to party, a group of 23 bloggers teamed up to offer up an absolutely AMAZING prize!!!

It's a $200 Paypal Cash Giveaway!!!
Susannah1_thumbBlogiversary 1_thumbBlogiversary 2_thumbBlogiversary 3_thumb[1]

1.  Susannah from Simple Moments Stick
2.  Amy from The Silver Lining
3.  Kotryna from Girl with a Movie Camera
4.  Becky from Rebeckann's Random Thoughts

Blogiversary 4_thumbBlogiversary 5_thumbBlogiversary 6_thumbBlogiversary 7_thumb

1.  Sarah from Life as Always
2.  Sybil from Peace it all Together
3.  Wendy from Effie Girl
4.  Elena from Cropped Stories

Blogiversary 8_thumbBlogiversary 9_thumbBlogiversary 10_thumbBlogiversary 11_thumb

1.  Jayda from Avocado Grove
2.  Erin from Simply Just Lovely
3.  Ginny from My New Favorite Outfit
4.  Kelly from Sparkles and Shoes

Blogiversary 12_thumbBlogiversary 13_thumbBlogiversary 14_thumbBlogiversary 15_thumb

1.  Jamie from Handling with Grace
2.  Charity from The Word of a Nerd
3.  Julie from Tidbits and Scraps
4.  Stephanie from Just a Little Bit Louder

Blogiversary 16_thumbBlogiversary 17_thumbBlogiversary 18_thumbBlogiversary 19_thumb

1.  Elizabeth from Oak and Oats
2.  Lisa from Mostly Lisa
3.  Caroline from In Due Time
4.  Stephanie from Army Crafter

Blogiversary 20_thumbBlogiversary 21_thumbBlogiversary 22_thumb 

1.  Jenn from Quirky Pickings
2.  Amy from Taking Steps Home
3.  Ashley from Have Chashley, Will Travel


  1. Wellllllllll I could sure use $200! :)

  2. I now just what I want to buy with my $200 in winnings - all the Super Bowl Championship gear I can find! Pick Me! Pick Me!


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