Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Cara Box Reveal

Cara (car-rah) noun : beloved friend
"Make Friends -- Receive Gifts -- Share Encouragement"
For the first time this winter, I decided to sign up for the Cara Box Exchange with Wifessionals. Basically, it's a box swap among women that is primarily based around Instagram. I was paired up with two other ladies in Washington state, and for three months we followed each other's daily lives and built awesome friendships. Then at the end of the second month we created boxes or packages for one another. So much fun!

The theme for this box was SHINE -- all about encouraging and bringing out the best in each other.
I prepared a box for Jennifer and actually got the opportunity to meet her and hand it to her in person at our Washington State Blogger Meet Up. Jennifer loves Seattle sports just like me, so obviously there was an instant connection there, but I also liked learning about her job, vacations, hobbies, and her adorable Golden Doodle. She definitely SHINES in many ways, and I hope the items I gave her helped compliment those things about her.

As for me, I received a package from Caitlin, who unfortunately couldn't make it to our meet up because she was about to give birth! Since then an adorable little baby boy has joined her family, which of course make me feel like we had a special connection. I followed all her pregnancy updates on Instagram, and she was extremely helpful every time I had a question or needed advice. Caitlin put together an incredibly thoughtful, generous, and SHINE themed package for me!

Adorbs, right?!

Caitlin's handwritten note was so thoughtful and sweet. And she might have even written it with that amazing Seahawks pen! She handmade the cowl and coffee sleeve herself, as well as that tiny, precious little hat for Baby Boy. And I am loving the outfit, which includes two of the main themes we have for his life: Seattle Seahawks (green & blue!) and animals. Being a new mommy herself of course Caitlin couldn't resist sending the baby stuff (which I love!) but she also included some items specifically for me: Body butter and relaxing body wash/bubble bath to help get me through this final trimester stretchmark and stress free (hopefully)!

Thanks so much, Caitlin, you are an absolute doll and I'm so happy to have gotten to know you!

Participating in the Cara Box Exchange was definitely a pretty big commitment, but in the end I'm so glad that I signed up, because otherwise I never would have gotten to know these two wonderful ladies. And I'm so glad that they both live here in Washington, which will make it even easier to keep in touch. Because I still need to meet Caitlin's precious baby! And maybe our boys will even become friends one day...
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Cara Box


  1. So so cute!! Love the handmade items too, those are always extra-special! :)

  2. I LOVE that little outfit! What a thoughtful, wonderful selection of gifts! :)

  3. I love that she included something for little man, too!!!!! How sweet!! :)

  4. What a great box! I am still waiting for mine as my partner had to move during our exchange time!!! Ps. I am so glad that you have the pronunciation of Cara. Because I have a friend who spells is the same way but we say care-ah. Now I won't sound stupid when I say it in my head!! Haha

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the aromatherapy stuff from Bath and Body! It makes me want to run out and get some now!

  6. looks like you got some great things :) stopping by from the linkup!

  7. awe, you got such an awesome box!

  8. I have not been blog reading in so long! So stopped by and saw this post. I signed up immediately! Sounds like so much fun! Great box!

  9. Haven't been blog reading in awhile so came across this post and um, signed up immediately! :)
    Great box! Congrats on your little boy~little boys are great!


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