Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby Fever Weekend

I saw so many gorgeous babes this past weekend, and the only thing I could think the whole time was how much I want MY baby! Yes, I know he will be here before I know it, but it's like I MISS him!
Not that I didn't love spending the weekend with some of my very favorite people.
Mom and I left Friday afternoon to head down to Oregon for some visits. Our first stop was to see my sister, Nichole, and her family in Forest Grove. Excuse the poor photo quality, but this is all that I got...
We got in some quality time and a slumber party with my adorable nieces before heading south in the morning to Umpqua for a visit with Crys and Baby Olive. What a doll! I had so much fun just playing with this smiling, happy, adorable little human being. Love.
And it was so fantastic to finally get some quality time with Crys and to see where she's been living all this time. This is small town life, kiddos. From the information I can find, the population of Umpqua is about 600. There isn't even a single stop light!
Crys, Hans and Olive live in an adorable 100-year-old farm house surrounded by rolling green hills filled with sheep. I seriously felt like I was in Ireland or something. It was so peaceful and wonderful to spend some time outside the city with them.
We had so much fun just playing with Olive, hanging around the house, chit chatting, and even having lunch at a vegetarian restaurant owned and operated by hippies from a local commune! I'm telling you guys, this is legit backwoods country. Crys and Hans got married down here a couple years ago, and I can totally see why they've chosen to make it their permanent home. Growing up, I always used to say that I wanted to live in the city or the country, but never anything in between. Places like this remember why I thought the simple, country life would be so refreshing for the soul. Ironically, here I am in Suburbia, but that's a story for another day...
I hope that y'all had a wonderful long weekend!
What were you up to?
I can't help but reflect on last year's epic fail over the President's Day holiday. Can you believe it's been a year already? Or that that was the last time I was on my snowboard? This makes me incredibly sad...
Ah well, Stew is up at Crystal today enjoying the powder for the both of us.
Have a great (short!) week, guys and dolls!
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  1. Awww... Sounds like it was a perfect weekend!

  2. What a great weekend :) oh the baby fever I remember it well !!! Being pregnant is so much fun and yet it goes by quickly and you really only realize it til after because I remember being pregnant and it felt like meeting our little one was years away!!! So I can totally relate to this :)

  3. That is my dream. A 100 year old farmhouse and rolling pastures!! How fun!

  4. Their place looks so whimsical and relaxing! I love it!
    Also... LOVE that you "miss" lil' man already... you're so damn cute! :)

  5. your baby will be here in no time! i swear, the second you hold your child in your arms, you fall HARD and are madly in love and it only grows from there :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  6. I sometimes feel that way when I get to spend some time with my little nephew...and I'm not even pregnant. We want to wait for a few years, but I keep hoping with both are able to hold out that long! Excited for your little one to get here, though. Can't wait for the pictures I'll get to enjoy!

  7. Just found your blog on Fitness Blondie's blog hop and I'm loving it! My fiancee and I will be tying the knot in May and will then start to consider starting a fam of our own in the near future! Eep!! Being from the city, that small town definitely looks quite peaceful! :) Following your blog!

  8. That sounds like a great weekend! :) Mine was pretty low key. We did go to an 80s party Saturday night. Teachers had an in-service day on Monday, and we haven't had school since. Yesterday, it was a major dumping of snow, and today, it was freezing rain and ice. Crazy.

  9. aww that sounds like such a good weekend!


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