Monday, February 3, 2014

We are the champions, my friends -- Super Bowl XLVIII

It was way, way better than we ever could have dreamed it would be...
The Seattle Seahawks completely annihilated the Broncos with a 43-8 Super Bowl WIN last night.
We listened to the national media pick Denver as the favorite to win over and over last week, and we kept our mouths shut, knowing that the Seahawks -- the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks -- would show up on Sunday ready to play.

Boy, did they ever.

I almost felt sorry for Peyton Manning toward the end... Almost.

The Seahawk's performance in Super Bowl XLVIII will most definitely go down in the history books. And we've been with them every step of the way, ever since that day last summer when we attended Hawks Training Camp and started to think maybe... maybe this was our year.

Russell Wilson said it way back when: "Why not us?"

And now it's finally happened: For the first time in franchise history, the Seattle Seahawks are the football champions of the world, and my heart is swelling with pride for our team, our city, and the 12th Man. Oh, and especially my husband, who has been waiting his whole life for this...

Hawk Yeah!

We knew that if the Hawks won the Super Bowl we would want to be in the city to celebrate. So we asked our super duper fab friends Matt and Alissa if they would be willing to host a Super Bowl party at their amazing house on the top of Queen Anne Hill, and they were happy to oblige!

We're very superstitious about football. For yesterday's game, Matt happened to be standing when the Hawks first scored. Hence, he had to remain standing for the rest of the game. No-brainer there... Little Remi was also super excited by all the action, and whenever she started barking it was important that a human barked right back at her. Oh, and of course Jell-O shots had to be taken every single time the Hawks scored. Tara even made some virgin ones for baby Marshawn and me!
Erin and I were also convinced that Baby Jackson and Baby Marshawn were super good luck this season! I can't wait to tell Baby Boy all about it someday!

After the big win, we immediately headed out into the city to celebrate with the masses. I only made it as far as a bar in Lower Queen Anne until about ten o'clock, but Stew took advantage of his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate the Hawks first Super Bowl win with the rest of the crazy fans in Pioneer Square, where they were climbing light poles, setting fires in the streets, and generally whooping it up as only crazy football fans can. It's probably better that I wasn't there...

And today we're just basking in the glory of it all. Sorry to everyone who was disappointed last night, but I've been telling you all along that the Hawks had the ability to take it all the way this year. And I do tend to be right once in a while.

To the Seahawks, the city of Seattle, and especially the 12th Man... we've put our hearts and souls into this season, and we've been rewarded tenfold.

The Seattle Seahawks -- Super Bowl XLVIII Champions!!
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  1. Congrats! Wish I coulda been there to do virgin jello-shots with you! ;) There's a parade tomorrow right? So exciting!

  2. Congrats!! I was so excited for you guys. I did feel kinda bad for Payton Manning. I'm not really a fan of his but he had a record season, and his team just did not show up. I'll be honest, it wasn't the most exciting game for someone who's not a diehard fan of either team, but I rooted my heart out for you and your Hawks! :)

  3. It was such a great game!! We watched all of the festivities in Pioneer Square on tv!!

  4. I only got to watch part of it as Ellie wasn't feeling well but what an awesome game!! I thought about your husband running through the streets after! Ha

  5. LOVE THIS POST!! It's so good to prove to everyone that we are awesome even though there were so many haters! I love that the hawks team was labeled as a team full of "rejects" and none would ever go anywhere in their careers. Then we proved em alllllll wrong!

  6. I didn't know you liked the Seahawks... :P ;)

  7. I thought about you while I was watching the game because of your previous posts. Sometimes, people really underestimate those whom they deem the "underdogs." If anything, smack talk just motivates people towards success. Congrats on a big win for your team. Plus, you make about the cutest pregnant girl Seahawks fan that I've ever seen!

  8. YAY!!! I am so happy the Seahawks won! Isn't the feeling in the city AMAZING after the big win!!

    1. Honestly the energy is incredible, I never want it to end!!

  9. I did feel bad for Peyton because I'm a huge Peyton fan but I'm SO FUCKING HAPPY for the Seahawks! My husband and his family were all calling each other and I'm pretty sure my BIL was in tears, actual tears, he was so happy (NOT that he would ever admit to this!) and they all kept saying how they've been waiting their whole lives for this moment, because they have! Right when we went to bed later that night Lance just looked at me and said "I never thought I'd see the day and of course I'm not even there to celebrate" and he just looked so sad. Ugh, STUPID ARMY! We're so mad we weren't in our local bar in Federal Way to celebrate with everyone there, ugh! but still! SO SO HAPPY!

  10. I am literally so envious right now. I want this post to me written by me... with Seahawks changed to Bengals. And lots more orange and black ;) Haha- I seriously cannot imagine how pumped you are!! I better get to experience this ONE DAY!

  11. ha! i love how he had to stand the entire game. too funny! glad y'all won! i'm more in it for the snax than the game ;)

  12. I know when I woke up on Monday morning and saw the score you would have been ecstatic! We haven't actually had chance to watch it yet...

  13. I was thinking of you guys while watching it back in the UK!

  14. What an AMAZING week it's been here! We went to the parade on Wednesday and I'm just so glad that the team knows how much the PNW loves them! What a great season!


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