Monday, December 17, 2012

Second Floor and More!

We headed up to Snoqualmie to see the house again this weekend, and wow have they made progress! Two weeks ago we barely had the ground floor, but now we have a second story, a roof, windows, and plumbing! And the contractor expects to have all the electrical in this week as well, which means on Friday we get to go to our "pre-drywall" appointment where we get to check everything before the sheetrock goes up. It was so fun to wander around upstairs and envision how the layout will be when everything is complete.

It's starting to look like a real house! The HVAC guys were actually there working,
that's why there's a big ugly van out front.

Downstairs living room and the beginning of the kitchen breakfast bar.

Upstairs rec room.

Master bedroom.

Master bathroom.

Just trying out the tub to make sure it fits.

Spare bedroom #1.

Spare bedroom #3.

Guest bathroom.

Laundry room.

We did notice a few things that worried us... a smaller hot water heater has been installed even though we paid to upgrade to a larger one, and although all the plumbing looked complete there were no pipes for a sink in the garage, which is also an upgrade we paid for. But when we stopped by the sales office the site agent assured us that she would check with the contractor and make sure these things got corrected. But it made us that much more aware that we need to be double-checking everything as we go through the building process.

It was snowing pretty heavily while we were up there, which reminded me that we're going to get much more severe weather than we currently get in the city. But as usual seeing our house just made me that much more anxious to move in. Our tentative closing date is set for February 27th and we can't wait!


  1. Everything looks great! and Feb. 27 will be here sooner that you know it!!! So exciting!

  2. It looks amazing and I Hope that they clear up the mix ups with the sink and the hot water heat quick smart!

  3. I love it! And I love that you're moving near my old stomping grounds -- and that you're already preparing for the winter weather. You will DEFINITELY need to be ready for snow out there...

  4. It's coming along! How exciting!

    Yes, definitely make sure you double check EVERYTHING. With production home companies, many of the homes will be standard spec homes and a lot of times the upgrades get messed up or overlooked altogether. (I worked for a homebuilder for many years, seen it a zillion times!)

    February 27th isn't that far'll be in your new home so soon!


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